Why Orion Karl Daley is my Hero in the race for President of the United States for 2008

By Carolyn Daley

I met Orion 31 years ago when I was 19 years old. Nobody introduced me to him. He caught my attention because he was tall and stood very straight, looked friendly and strong at the same time. I stepped past him on the sidewalk and then turned around. He did the same, and we introduced ourselves to each other. Over the years we have raised three children together in New York City. I believe I know him very well. I feel confident to verify his qualities as follows: He has compassion and vision. He understands that our nation needs new ideas not just editing of the old ideas. Orion has belief that change is possible. He understands that Congress is needed to get the ball in motion.

He believes in the United Nations and what it stands for. He has principles. He has transparency and accountability. These are qualities sorely lacking in the US government today.

Orion is direct when he speaks. He does not like game playing. He loves people for real. He is truly sad about those who have died in Iraq and also believes that all nations can work with each other not against each other or playing the game of outsmarting each other. He knows how to break the cycle of war. It is with strength and compassion not in hate and greed. It is in giving for the sake of healing not for what you get in return. It is in trusting and verifying.

Orion has determination and never gives up. He is always looking for new ways of doing things. He is always looking to learn and discover new things in life. He has a strong backbone and a strong heart. He has courage and conviction.

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