Its About Freedom

by Bill McNally

HB58 is really about Freedom.  Rep. Timothy Robertson introduced HB58 "requiring municipalities to establish volunteer civilian police review boards". Public hearings were held on 1/18/07 in LOB Room 301. Only ONE civilian, yours truly, was present to testify in opposition.  

I found a general lack of knowledge from police officers regarding 'police review boards'. During my testimony in Concord I suggested to the Committee that they take a look at "Behind The Big News" video tape I submitted.  "Mr. Chairman and members, let me provide two (2) sounds bites to encourage you to watch this video.

First incident on tape shows ABC News filming a GM pick-up truck exploding on impact and an un-named fireman at the scene contacts GM and told them ABC had placed incendiary device under the GM truck, punctured a hole in the gas tank and installed an undersized gas cap. ABC was forced to admit this 'criminal' reporting but only said "It was a bad idea from the start and that is our new policy". Hello? 

Second incident was the Rodney King 'beating' by the LAPD. This committee will see what happened  prior to what the general public and you saw on National Television - to wit - that Rodney King was hit by a stun Gun and tackled by four police officers and he threw them off and rose up off the ground and attacked the police - the rest is history.  The jury saw what the News Media failed to show and acquitted all police officers.

The committee was fortunate to have Rep. Mark (Captain, Salem Police) Pearson as a committee member having been recently elected. My sources tell me he gave a masterful testimony to his Committee in closed session in opposition to HB58 - the Bill was voted down by an 18-0 vote as "inexpedient to legislate" which effectively kills HB58.