Setting the record Straight - Semper Fidelis

By Rep. Al Baldasaro

I want to correct the record on the press conference that went on last Thursday at the State Legislatures Building.

1st, I did not crash the press conference and did not loudly interrupt. I was walking by to go to my committee meeting and heard the lies that were coming out of the mouth of a US Marine.

2nd, I waited for them to get done and they asked if there were any questions. I then asked questions to the Marine who did most of the talking and stated my views as a 22 year Active duty, Desert Storm Vet, and a 100 % disable Veteran who knew what was being said was bull. So when they stated that I was not civil, that was wrong, as I stayed very professional and tried to educate that young Marine, that a Marine should not be used as a PAWN byany organization to go against fellow Marines.

I, like many Marines, can not stand there and listen to a US Marine feed the enemy with propaganda, while my brothers and sisters are in harms way in protecting freedom for the Iraqis from the Terrorist, Rapist and Murders. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing, thanks to many Veterans who gave some like me and many who gave all, so that we can agree to disagree.

As a retired US Marine, I am tired of people like them and John Kerry continuing to show weakness in our country, which in turn provides strength to our enemy.

If you go back into history you will see that for manyyears, our Americans have been either held hostage or slaughter by the terrorist and all we did was lob a few missles. Oh, I am sure they do not payattention to that because they were Republicans and Democrats alike, which did nothing but lob a few missles. All of a sudden, we stand up to the terrorist and some say it is the wrong thing to do which I respect their decision but whenyou feed the enemy with propaganda, I will speak up again.

My concerns are the weak people in our country continue to feed the enemy with a lot of bull while our military is in harm way and the enemy gets stronger in feeding off our weak stomachs for war. They in turn utilize more car bombs to kill Americans to force the talking heads in our country to cut and run like we did in Viet Nam. Many Vets had to live with that loss in their memory for years until Desert Storm, where we brought valor back to our country.

Many of the protesters sit in their big warm houses and keep spewing their propaganda in feeding the enemy every day and I know from my experience; when you are there, you feel that your country is not supporting you in your mission.

Remember one thing that many Marines like me, would have stood up and corrected that young Marine (PAWN), who was being used to support their movement, would voice their opinion to protect the brotherhood of all Marines. My conversation with Marine Vanriper was not a Republican or Democrat issue but a US Marine counseling session on his lack of knowledge on the brotherhood of the Marine Corps

I, as a proud US Marine, will not sit back and take it when someone talks bad about my Marines and many will never understand the term Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), that all Marines hold in their heart to each other, unless you earned the title.