NH Conservatives will rise again

by Rep. Dan Dumaine

Keep the faith. The day is coming when Conservatives will become the majority. As you may have noticed, I did not use the word, “again” because Conservatives have actually not been a majority in this State for a very long time. The damage that the Democratic Party is doing to itself is great. I use the term "great" because it actually is, but it’s also because the damage being done is huge.

The Democratic Party actually believes that this last election was a wake up call for all in the Republican Party when in actuality, it was a wake up call for all the liberals within the Republican Party. The liberals believe that the majority of us who live in this State and this Great Nation actually want to see America lose the war on terror. The liberals believe that our flawed public school monopoly system is the only possible way to educate and therefore, why bother to try anything else. The liberals also believe that a repeal of parental notification is required to protect us from ourselves because we simply can no longer raise our children without help from the village.

Liberals further believe that the right of a business owner to choose how to legally operate his or her privately owned business must be mandated by the Government because second hand smoke just might, will maybe, could possibly cause over 800 deaths a year. In the course of what, twenty, thirty or forty years? While at the same time these very same liberals defend a woman’s right of choice to freely terminate the human lives of their unborn children each and every day. The fact remains that there is unadulterated proof that abortion is responsible for millions of deaths each and every single year.

Let us not forget that liberals from both sides of the isle blocked an effort (CACR34) last term of allowing the people of NH the opportunity to either give or not give us their permission to change our State Constitution which would have recognized traditional marriage as being between one man and one woman. This is exactly why I’ve brought CACR34 back in the form of CACR1. “LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!”

Oh yes, lets not forget the fact that liberals are also pro-income tax, pro-sales tax, pro-tax and spend, pro-bigger and more intrusive government. If you don’t remember anything else, never forget this. Our liberal Governor has just finished creating a very large budget increase. My question to Governor John Lynch is how are we as taxpayers going to pay for this increase? I as one of your constituents not only want an answer to this question, I have a right to that answer.

In 2008 these liberal legislators from both sides of the isle will finally see that these are things that the people of this Great State and Nation do not want. We are temporarily in the minority now, but keep your chins up, stay proud and always remember how we as your legislators vote.