Fellow Veterans & Proud Americans,

I am asking for your help in a matter that is near and dear too many Veterans hearts throughout our country.

I sit on the Federal & State Relations and Veterans Affairs committee and yesterday my Chairman Kris Roberts brought it to our attention, there was a House Resolution 10, coming in late that was approved by the Speaker of the house who sits on the rules committee.

Democrat, Representative Splaine and Representative McEachern from Portsmouth are the sponsors of the bill. My Chairman had scheduled the public hearing for March 19 at 10 AM in Legislators Hall here in NH.

The resolution should have been split into two but I believe that the Democrats are trying to make a political statement at the expense of our troops on the battlefield and at the Walter Reed hospital. One opposing the Iraq war and the other one supporting veterans benefits but they chose to make a political statement.

I have not read the actual bill (HR 10) but I am waiting patiently for the state of NH to post it on our state web page.

Whether you support the escalation or not, we as Veterans cannot let this resolution go forward as we will be feeding and abetting the ENEMY and knocking down our TROOPS MORAL by supporting this BULL. Why aren't the Sponsors providing a resolution to stop the murders in our state or the crime?

As a young Marine in 1975, I remember this happening to our Viet Nam Vets, I am sure that you have seen this happen to you as our country has gotten the Cut and Run Mentality once again. They are already talking about cutting the funding and take the lost. Our Veterans must continue to be treated with respect and not spit on and treated with no respect as what happen in Viet Nam

As a Retired US Marine 1StSgt, Desert Storm Veteran, Disable Veteran, I can not sit back and let this happen. I will try, along with other Veterans to kill this in committee but it will still go to the floor of the house for a vote.

A vote to support HR 10 feeds the enemy to get stronger and stay in place to keep trying to kill our Proud American Warriors.

A Vote to support knocks down our Proud American Warriors Moral, as with the technology, they will know within minutes that we do not support them.

Why should we sit down and be the silent majority; as there is no doubt in my military mind, that many like I, will not take this lack of support for our Veterans anymore.

If you are with us and can be at the New Hampshire State House on March 19 (10AM) for the committee hearings, you will be showing a force in readiness, that enough is enough and keep the politics off the battle field. If you can not be there, please contact your elected officials and write letters to newspapers.

I can not remember who wrote, FOR THOSE WHO FOUGHT FOR IT, FREEDOM HAS A FLAVOR THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW but I still remember it!