Congresswoman Shea-Porter Pays Back Unions for their Support

by Peter Bearse

In Rep. Carol Shea-Porter’s vote “YES” to approve the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act," we’ve just seen another example of how the voters in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District have simply exchanged one rubber-stamping political Party-crat for another. We saw this first in her slavish follower-ship of Nancy Pelosi during the Democrat’s “First 100 hours” of posturing to voters. Now we see it in her vote for a bill that simply amounts to a payoff to a special interest group – labor unions – that were among her major sources of campaign support.

The bill was intended to make it easier for plants to be unionized. Thus, it is adverse to the ability of NH manufacturers to compete in world markets. Even more troubling is the fact that it would end the right of employers to request secret-ballot elections!

Even though Big Labor has been in steady decline ever since Pres. Ronald Reagan stood up to the air-traffic controllers, it still provides a stream of big money and numerous campaign “volunteers” to candidates for Congress. Passage of the bill was high on their priority list. It represents the “biggest change in labor law in decades” according to the Wall St. Journal, yet there was “but a single hearing” on the bill. And labor lobbyists worked hard and smart to “get to this year’s Democratic freshmen early..”

Perhaps they didn’t have to work very hard to “get to” Rep. Shea-Porter, after all. Two-thirds of the “Endorsements” cited on her own website are labor unions. The likelihood of “payoff” here? -- You, the voters, be the judge. Better yet, call her to ask what were the quid-pro’s or union promises for her vote. Whatever: It shows that Shea-Porter is a rubber-stamp for a Democratic Party that is dependent upon left-wing interest groups.