Sorry Kids, There's No More Fish Food!

by Tom Sutliffe

Ok, now all you despicable towns that voted down the teachers' outrageous contracts and budgets, etc.  Get ready for your time on the rack!  Payback is a bitch!  Now, the school board manipulated retaliation upon the school children will come, just like clock work.  You know how it goes, it's well orchestrated and organized  by the teachers' union and  PTO, by the way... the "O" stands for organization.  Get it? Their wrath is like clock work after the money stops flowing.  Brace yourselves. 

Little, things start disappearing from the classrooms in droves like the fish bowls, etc, etc...  Why, because they don't have enough funding for this fish food and on and on, bigger and bigger, more obvious.  Letters go to the parents asking for paper, pencils, toilet paper or whatever! Anything that the kids are acutely aware of seem to rapidly be in short supply.  Why?  so that they will complain to their cheap ass-parents, to pressure them into giving the school whatever it needs.  Seen this before?  No surprise here! 

By the way, you get all this at "no charge", compliments of your local school board system.  You know, the system that watches out to make sure your tax dollars are wisely invested in the communities future.   These tactics impact the children and they know it, thus they use it to their benefit against you, the voter, their boss.  Don't you just love their tactics?  How original.  By the way, the kids are just collateral damage and hostages until they get what they want "mo money."  Watch them, they do it just this way! Their playbook is well documented and very seldom are any original plays added.  My suggestion is to buy some fish food for the classroom and let your kids bring it to school... It's cheaper!

To all the other towns that caved into their school boards extorted demands, your fish food is in constant supply.