Veterans degraded by U.S. congress

by Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Veterans returning from war today are coming back to being treated sub-stand. Our political leaders receive the finest of medical and other care. This is not just the disabled Veterans of today’s wars. Congress as well as citizens spit on us during the Vietnam conflict.

NH Congress woman Carol Shea-Porter this past week used her influence on the Arm-services committee to have a Veterans Doctor sign a commitment letter to stop me from writing letters to the editor about her. I am a 100% disabled veteran from the Vietnam Conflict. This Congresswoman used the Dover NH police in the attempt to have me locked up for writing a threaten letter. This Congresswoman had a Special Agent fly up from DC in the attempt to have my freedom taken. This Congresswoman did this with lies and miss statements.

I try to file a harassment complaint against her and the Dover And Lee police refuse because of her power. Whom do the Police protect and serve? The money this Congresswoman is wasting for her selfish gain could be used to help today’s disabled veterans.

I have written President Bush, the Veterans administration and many others only to be ignored. The newspapers refuse to print my letters for many reasons. Our Constitution is a worthless piece of paper at this time. The government and powerful use it to increase their power.

The newspapers no longer have ethics and print the truth. No, newspapers print news that best increases their business. Today I heard friends talk about how radio stations are now discussing the newspaper articles about me. The news refuses to print my response to the lies that they write.

Today’s Veterans as well as all other Veterans come home a different person from when they left. You that never served can not understand. Today’s Veterans as well as all the other Veterans receive sub-stand treatment from the American people because newspapers and our political leaders have lost respect for the Veterans that protect our Freedom.