Gov. Lynch FlipFlops on Gay Unions

by Rep. Al Baldasaro

New Hampshire residents, did you know the Governor is flip flopping on his PROMISE to VETO GAY MARRIAGE ? Can someone please help out and tell the Governor, once he signs into law Civil Unions, there will be no difference in NH Law between Marriage and Civil Unions, just a different name.

Governor, are you going to tell our residents about the Civil Union bill which also recognizes Gay Marriages from other states? Governor, did you forget many voters went to the poles in 2006 to vote against the war and many stayed home because all were mad at the President. Voters, did you give the Democrats permission to force / invite Gay Marriage into our state and permission to repeal Parental Notification? Governor, are you going to tell the parents of New Hampshire once you sign the bill, their children will be taught in Public Schools (K – 12), it is okay to have two male parents, two female parents, cross dress and that being Gay is acceptable for all, like Massachusetts schools?

Some will tell you that it is a civil rights violation, HELLO; it is their choice to be Gay and not a right. Okay Governor, if you support same sex benefits than why not be honest with New Hampshire and give all people that live together benefits and not marriage.

Some say Civil Unions are the will of the people, if it is, than let them vote for an amendment to the constitution on defining marriage. What are we scared of? I guess next you will be calling Threesomes and Polygamy a Civil Right’s issue and how about the Man and Woman that have lived together for years and want benefits but not marriage, aren’t you discriminating against them?

My beliefs are not homophobia but one of Family Values and I do not want to see NH turn into a Providence, Rhode Island, where families with children stay away. This will happen to our beautiful state that thrives on Tourism; after all we will be the 4th state in the country that accepts Civil Unions.

Call the Governor and tell him not to flip flop and stand up for the people of New Hampshire and stop the Democrats from pushing their far left agenda on to NH. Please do not push Massachusetts values onto NH.