Deal with Iran like Reagan did

by Orion Karl Daley, Balanced Party Candidate for President 2008

We could be at a turning point in world history where in working with Iran can stabilize a lot of the Middle East. If its a matter of pride instead, then it can also escalate greater in scope than a Bay of Tonkin incident.

The bottom line is Iran's Nuclear energy, and feeling isolated and deemphasized in UN representative importance.

Given the opportunity, Iran has the potential of making many multi-national business alliances, and could even be used as one of the first examples of safe, reliable and clean nuclear energy. This over shadows any need for nuclear weapons.

I see that there is no reason why Iran can't be invaded by the UN with world kindness. This makes all UN members active participants in Iran's clean energy program, and therefore in its future prosperity. There is then less of a concern about inspectors where making business partners could also help stabilize the region.

Regardless of Iran's military buildup up thanks to Russia's help, it does not really compare to a Nation becoming recognized as a strategic player in world leadership.

Guided through UN leadership, Iran can be allowed to have their national esteem and a level playing field for doing business with the world. Military contributions from others become far less in importance compared to having national prestige for a Islamic nation.