A response to Congresswoman Shea-Porter 'Speaking for the Troops'

by Rep. Al Baldasaro

Carol Shea Porter, what Congress, do you speak for? Is it for all in the house or just the Democrats and handful of want-a-be Republicans who vote with Democrats all the time? You surely are not speaking for many families of Veterans that are serving our Great Country.

I believe that our newly elected Congresswoman has gone brain dead and fails to tell all the truth on what was in the military funding bill that she voted for. I am proud that our President is standing up for our TROOPS and Americans, by vetoing the Funding bill which is a surrender bill.

Please do not spin the truth on your vote! Tell the American people that you want to run the war from congress, with the Monday morning quarterbacks (Retired Generals).

Why did you not mention the provisions in the Troop Funding Bill; which tied the Presidents hands; where for example if an embassy is attacked, hostages are held, the president will be forced to get authority from the Senate and House Appropriations committee, 15 days prior to sending in troops to save our Americans. Now are his hands tied?

Why did you not mention that many Democrats voted at the Veterans expense to fund millions of dollars to special interest groups (farmers) in Spinach, Rice, Peanut Storage, and Shrimp in the Gulf, Citrus Growers and Live Stock Farmers?

Hello, do you think New Hampshire residents do not follow what is going on in Washington DC. Do you realize we have over 150, 000 Veterans here in NH, not counting the many parents like myself who have kids in the military and we are disgusted watching you raise the white flag with your surrender time table.

Your public display of surrender, your time table put on our troops and your cut and run mentality, which can’t stomach what is going on, feeds the enemy to kill more of our Americans, which in turn sends a sign of weakness around the world.

Your vote to tie the Presidents hands in supporting the troops is a disgrace to all Americans. I agree with the Polls that show, we don’t like the war but they also show that Americans want to finish what we started and not surrender. Don’t cut that funding!

You claim the bill provides substantial increases in funding to protect and care for our soldiers. Are you trying to convince that you are the great savior of our Veterans by adding in monies to support our injured? The President asked for the money to cover our warriors who were injured, the President asked for monies to purchase the new and improved Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Equipment that was recently tested and brought forward for our military.

Why are you and many democrats trying to take credit for what the President asked to fund and if you knew what you were talking about, you would not be calling Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force, Soldiers.

I know that you are happy singing Kum Bi Ya around the campfire and serving donuts and hot cider to the peace activist, who woke up from the VietNam war. That is your right to protest as Veterans gave their life so people like you can exercise your FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

As my Congresswoman, you must set the example and not fall back into your VietNam days with your white flag mentality.

If you were so concerned about the troops and want to make a stand on the war, why didn’t you stop all the PORK SPENDING attached to the Funding Bill and just stood your ground against the war. I might have a little more respect for you on your VOTE.

Please stop using our troops as your pawns to pass millions of dollars in subsides. Please stop the Quarterbacking with the Generals who think they have a better idea than the Generals on the battlefield.

As a Military Family I would appreciate if you do not speak for me. For the many Veteran Families that she claims she speaks for, stand up and tell her she is wrong.

Our Congresswoman had an opportunity to speak to all residents on her scheduled press conference from the State House a few weeks ago but got scared because of the Veteran families that went to U. S. Rep Hodes office demanding he stop his cut and run mentality.

Oh, I forgot on the schedule day of our Congresswoman’s Press Conference, she canceled it because there was a scheduling problem, so she did not show. I believe she was scared to face the Veterans that were waiting for her. Hmmm did she cut and run!

Opinion of a Retired Marine who is also the Father of a Marine who is training to deploy to Iraq.