Kangaroo Court Alive and Well in Northwood Politics

By Tom Sutliffe

One need not go to the land down-under to see a good example of how a Kangaroo Court functions; they just need visit southern New Hampshire’s little part of heaven… the town of Northwood. You know, the Northwood of polarizing politics led by power broker Lucy Edwards and her ilk, the same Northwood whose citizens voted in three buffoons to lead their town government. Now, one must realize that to serve on the Board of Selectmen in Northwood, you have to be born first of all, without a spinal column or any semblance of ability of how government works or what its purpose is. All this taken into consideration and the above requirements fulfilled, you have a good chance of becoming a selectman in Northwood, provided however, you get rubber-stamped by Lucy Edwards’ power brokering group.

You see, when you’ve been an outstanding representative of the state of New Hampshire who has received numerous accolades from several different groups for her tenaciousness, integrity, and devotion to the duties thereof, don’t go looking at Northwood to be a public servant. Northwood wants none of effective, productive, whistle blowing or professional personnel the likes of a Harriet Cady. The power brokers of this sleepy little town want to keep complete control with all town officials accountable to them! They think it is better when the people are silenced. They like the “good old boy” system, just the way it has always worked. They like to award sweetheart, no-bid contracts to their cronies. They do not think town employees need be responsible to the residents of the town. That’s why they voted to terminate their town administrator, a forthright, honest, hard-working individual who just does not happen to fit into their kind of politics. What were her crimes? Number one, they couldn’t control her, thus Lucy Edwards’ gang wanted her out. Number two, numerous unsubstantiated complaints, from town employees who weren’t doing their jobs and number three, working for a town that substitutes the 3 stooges to act as Northwood’s Board of Selectmen. It was an embarrassment just to be present at this meeting in which they presided, if one could call it that.

Yes, this is basically what happened on Tuesday night. Like the Kangaroo, Ms. Cady’s termination was done swiftly in leaps and bounds, requiring all of about five minutes. Remember, the 3 stooges would not permit the public to speak, which would have aided Ms. Cady’s defense, as she had many supporters present. So, the public is not allowed to speak and the audience present was told there were numerous complaints about her performance, none of which were illustrated or elaborated upon. Case closed Northwood kangaroo court style. The 3 stooges voted as they were instructed, to terminate Mrs. Cady, 3-0. You see, in Northwood, you have rule by an oligarchy, not by the people who reside in Northwood, but by a select few. The Northwood residents apparently don’t care enough to monitor how their town government works. Rest assured that any litigation cost resulting from this termination will not come from the pockets of your stooges, but from the town coffers. Until Northwood residents hold their officials accountable for their actions and become involved in their government, it will continue to hold the well deserved reputation for corrupt, self-serving government it deserves!

Tom Sutliffe

Epping, NH