6 Month review of NH CD1 US Rep Carol Shea Porter

by Peter Bearse Ph.D.

It’s time for a 6-month’s review of freshman Rep. Carol Shea Porter’s performance. Perhaps one of your investigative reporters can follow up on this letter to enable the more thorough, objective evaluations that voters in NH Congressional District #1 require.

My impression of our Rep.’s performance is twofold – that she is a rubber stamping Democratic Party-crat and that she has turned into a P.R. hound. In these respects, have voters gotten the real change they voted for? No. They’ve elected more of the same -- another go-along, get-along, publicity-seeking Member of Congress focused on getting re-elected to the Washington club that Congress has become, and another contributor to that body’s 29% approval rating – significantly lower than that of a failed Bush Presidency!

Since many others besides myself have pointed to the “rubber stamp” performance, permit me to remark on Rep.Shea-Porter’s publicity seeking. We’ve seen printer’s ink devoted, for example, to covering her visits to Iraq and a local school, and her Memorial Day “op-ed.” What’s remarkable about the coverage is how purely “P.R.” it is – how Rep.Shea-Porter manages to avoid saying anything of substance on the issues that the reported events or press items supposedly focus upon. Were the “events” manufactured for publicity purposes? We see nothing about how to improve education during the school visit. We see a publicity release and photo-op as Rep. Shea-Porter leaves Iraq, but no attempt to address the consequences of American troops leaving Iraq. There’s nothing in the Memorial Day address about what we can do to see that American soldiers have not died in vain. And so on.

Go to her website and see more of the same – Election P.R., no attempt to inform constituents on issues.

NH C.D.1 voters deserve a chance to vote for real change and a better Congress next year, not “more of the same.”