The Strategic Plan for Health Care

By Orion Karl Daley

Congress passed the biggest expansion of health care in 40 years, guaranteeing health care to millions of uninsured children. But I believe we can do far better than this.

I would like to share my plan for Health Care Reform. I see a viable means for a federal health care program for all citizens that includes financial incentives for individual health care practitioners as well as HMOs.

We have to first acknowledge that the health, safety and welfare of the people represent the soundness of this nation. Secondly that Capitalism has to serve Democracy, and not Democracy serve Capitalism. And that the government's only legitimate purpose is to serve the people

Today's private sector health care is complicated, expensive, and only provides diminishing returns for its stated purpose.

I question why the current administration has been indifferent, in my opinion to the health care crisis; and why prescription drug coverage has to be so costly? I believe that the government has not acted on lessons learned from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. I also question why Election 2008 Candidates are fuzzy about this, or propose to pay for it by raising taxes when we are all due, individually, to have an additional 50,000 tax burden in 2014.

I believe the government can lead health care innovations in order to benefit the people, and the private sector will follow in order to take advantage of the resulting business opportunities. When the private sector leads, the focus on business profits causes diminishing quality of service. My concern is that health care costs will continue to rise while private health care offers less and less benefit to the public.

For these reasons, I propose the 'People's Health Care Plan.' It consists of a Federal universal health care program that leaves opportunity for the private sector to compete with fair additional offerings. Additionally, 'For the Good' community service based health care should be created for preventative health care. This is outlined as follows:

1- The Federal Care program would afford fixed health care infrastructure costs, make services available when needed by all U.S. Citizens, and cover health treatments and remedies adequately up to 100% with quality service.

This is to include but not be limited to chronic care, emergencies, restorative health, post operative recovery treatments, and generic prescription programs. There are no deductibles and no loss of coverage when in between jobs, when economically disadvantaged or when in retirement.

The Federal Health Care Plan is to be funded by moving Medicare/Medicaid into a people's health care general fund. and by replacing normal employer/employee health care insurance plans with a monthly contribution to the people's health care general fund that is about half of what is normally paid to insurance companies. I believe that this alone as not being profit based can address basic quality coverage.

Additionally the Federal Care program is to be galvanized by funding from fully tax exempt health care bonds. These tax exempt bonds will become actively traded in the financial markets. They will also allow the public to make tax exempt investments.

In addition to having a robust health care fund, this also provides coverage of natural disasters like hurricane Katrina, for first responders when in a state of emergency, the public if when under a terrorist attack and epidemics which at this point are not being competently embraced by the government.

2- 'For the Good' community based offerings are to address the economically disadvantaged with a focus on preventative health care. Health practitioners may receive tax benefits based on community service quotas and level of service.

3- The Private Sector is welcome to operate honestly by offering competitive alternatives, add-ons for such things as elective surgery and post operative care, and additional services that they feel could interest consumers.

Orion Karl Daley
Presidential Candidate for 2008
for the Strategic Future of our nation
Balanced Party
New York, NY, USA -