The truth about Shaheen- Sununu Senate Race

by Marshall Cobleigh

 Jeanne Shaheen's real record as Governor shows that almost all of her major decisions were based on polling results not heartfelt decisions about what was really in New Hampshire's long term best interest.

Political Polls do not tell us how to solve complex problems.

Political polls only tell us what's currently popular not what is in our best long range interest. Remember Shaheen's almost six years of weekly press releases against sexual predators. The facts are that when asked in her friend Mandy Grunwald's polling data, people almost 98% opposed sexual predators. So Shaheen came out against them incessantly. That is not leadership, That is not facing up to the real problems a governor is faced with, but it sounds good and the polls said it was popular, so she  repeatedly  advocated her oposition to sexual predators. The question is do you want real leadership or simply pandering to poll results!

Michael Beschlos said in his book "Presidential Courage- Brave Leaders and How They Changed America" "Thru out our history at times of crisis and urgent national needs, it has been important to summons the courage to dismiss what is currantly popular and to do what is in America's long term interest."

Jeanne Shaheen's entire career has demonstrated  a slavish relience on pollitical polling and ignoring our long term interests.

Jeanne Shaheen is a nice lady but she has a failed record on the major problems she faced as Governor:

1. She took no action to solve our court ordered school funding dilemma.

2. She increased state spending substantially during her reign.

3. As a result she fought vigerously for a NH sales tax to pay for her profligate spending increases.

4. Shaheen forgets to remind people that during her previous Senate campaign she repeatedly stated "I support President Bush's goals for regime change in Iraq. I believe all options should be on the table, including the use of military force."

5. As State Senator Jeanne Shaheen's friends in the building trades, construction workers, pipefitters, and other labor unions should remember vividly her again slavishly following the polls and fighting vigorously along with Congressman Ed Markey against their over 3000 jobs constructing the Seabrook Plant.

6. If you read her press releases during her political career she will be remembered in addition to her numerous blue ribbon study commissions primarily for following Mandy's polls and opposing sexual predators. Who do you know that was for them?

Unlike Jeanne Shaheen, John E Sununu is a true leader, recently named one of the 5 brightest United State Senators. He couragously fought his own party's President Bush winning important modifications of the Patriot act to protect our civil liberties. He has been a leader in fighting to protect small business and to preserve NH's environment and our personl freedoms.

Jeanne Shaheen would face an almost daily quandry in the US Senate because there are way too many votes to conduct a political poll on each vote. She would not be able to do what was popular yesterday on all of the subjects that come before the Senate. Heaven knows she might for something that is in America's best interest, but is currently unpopular.

With John E Sununu we have a Senator who understands complex legislation and does what he believes is right for our long term future.

NH and America do not need a US Senator who does not have the common sense to ignore the political polls. Real common sense is to keep John Sununu in the senate because he will do what he believes is right whether it is popular or not.