NH Chooses Raging Trotsky-ites McCain, Clinton

by Jane Aitken

Liberal establishment candidate, war-mongerer, and ill-tempered veteran with an axe to grind John McCain won the GOP primary in NH after the sheeple dutifully went to the polls in obedience to the many controlled-media newspapers who endorsed him.

McCain has been the defacto proponent of open borders, supports government control over the internet, and your ability to finance campaigns. He is in support of the ICC in violation of our US Constitution, subjugating our US sovereignty to international law. He is no Republican, no conservative, and definitely not a patriot.

Oh how the CFR must love it.

But the worst thing is, he’s stated that he doesn’t care if we stay 100 more years in Iraq? Al Qaeda has already noted this in their training manuals.

Note: If you are a resident of Sutton, NH and you voted for Dr. Paul, your vote was not counted. Total counts there reported Dr. Paul’s total as 0 yet there are at least 3 people who have come forward to say they voted for Paul. I’m guessing there will be more.