The State of the Union is not a Sound Bite

by Orion Karl Daley

Did you hear Bush Last Night ? - He mentioned "Tax Free Bonds". How innovative for one who has no understanding of Economics !

In the New Deal published in June 2007 as ISBN 1419670948, part of the Economic Recovery/Reform Plan is in making "tax exempt bonds". I shared this thinking also with some on Wall Street to reach out for their interest, but have also been quite public about it.

There is a problem when an lesser known Presidential Candidate's intellectual capital can get scarfed up with out attribution. It is used mostly for the wrong purposes. For our Economy, the future of Wall Street cannot be a sound bite.

Well, none in DC are original thinkers and planners, and even given an idea don't know really what it means beyond a sound bite.

In December 2004, One of the 5 principles crafted in my platform was 'Transparent and Accountable Government'. This also became a sound bite in Congress about 6 months ago, but yet they are not Transparent and Accountable. The future of Government as well cannot be a sound bite, or the future of our nation over all is in question.

For a real 'State of the Union Address', I ask you to know of of It was drafted in Dec 18th 2004.

If you want your nation, please know what is in these documents.

Your Option:

If not interested in the solutions proposed for issues that as a nation we are to embrace, simply say it here:


Orion Karl Daley
Presidential Candidate for 2008
for the Strategic Future of our nation
Author - The New Deal ISBN: 1419670948
Balanced Party
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