Pelosi on State of the Union

by Peter Bearse


Millions of viewers watching the President’s State of the Union Address could not help but notice the bad behavior of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives sitting just behind the speaker’s podium next to Dick Cheney, President of the Senate. She looked as if she was sucking on a lemon, suffering from a case of permanent pique.

This might be viewed as an onset of gastric partisanship rather than bad behavior but for the fact that, throughout, she exhibited signs of disrespect and disregard bordering on contempt for the President and the proceedings. She was seen studiously reading a book or pamphlet and pointedly not paying attention except for moments when she felt compelled to rise and pretend to clap. The “proceedings,” by the way, are mandated by our Constitution.

So, we all had a chance to see the leader of a disloyal majority in action – a posture of studied inaction. This makes one wonder: Would Speaker Pelosi’s yes-man, Congress-woman Carol Shea-Porter, ever even think of criticizing her leader? What do they teach their children – that one man’s poor Presidency provides ample justification for a woman’s bad behavior?  

         PETER BEARSE, Fremont,