2 Years of Democrat Rule, I've Had Enough!

By Richard "Dick" Olson

Two years ago, Democrats won control of the House and Senate, both in New Hampshire and in Washington. Two years ago, people voted for change!

Two years later, gasoline and home heating oil has more than doubled, taxes have skyrocketed, the financial and housing industries are in a mess, my utilities have increased, health care costs have skyrocketed, and groceries have gone up 40% because of the democrats' logic to use corn and wheat rather for fuel rather than opening up our natural resources.

My retirement check is the same; my SSI check has increased by miniscule percentages, and I now work 20 to 25 hours part time. I am losing ground! These are the great rewards for serving my country and working for 50 years.

Now, we are asked to vote "for change" again. All that comes to mind is the way sheep are lead to slaughter by a "Judas goat". It is beyond my comprehension that a virtual unknown, unproven person like Senator Obama with a record of voting "present" and accomplishing nothing can lead. What are the unknown forces that have groomed this movement?

Just think that if something were to happen to the President and Vice president, Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be in charge. What a scary thought!

I encourage everyone to vote for change by voting Republican and restoring dignity, civility, honesty, and the constitutional integrity to our government. Senator McCain and Governor Palin can do this.

Richard H. Olson, Sr.

Jaffrey, NH