The (Racist) Hate Talk Express

By Nathaniel Gurien

The message of the Republican Presidential campaign has been stripped down to this one naked, stark and simple racist message, expressed directly, indirectly, and with provocative code words, but the underlying message is always the same: "Are you really ok with a black president? Are you insane? America is under attack! If you elect him, the country you know & love will be destroyed!"

The only thing left for the lily white Republican ticket to offer is that they are not the scary black one. Roughly 75% of the country is disgusted with Bush, Cheney, and the Republicans for the utter destruction they've wrought to our country. On the pressing issues of the day, the overwhelming majority of Americans stand with Senators Obama and Biden.

If not for the invocation of a visceral and racist image of a black man as President, any moderate or progressive Democratic candidate would run away with this election.

Its ideas and policies discredited, the only tactic left the floundering "Straight Talk Express" is stoking the flames of racism and fear, echoing images of Hitler's rabble-rousing beer hall Putsch and the Nazi's hateful propaganda.

John McCain's campaign slogan is "Country First", but with his and his party's Karl Rove driven devil-may-care lust to retain power, his actual slogan is: "Country Be Damned". Now we will all have to live with the consequences and fallout from their destructive, divisive wickedness in the final days of this campaign.

Joe McCarthy would indeed be proud of Senator McCain today, so what was said to him, must now be said to John McCain: "Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?" Now as then, the American public view McCarthy (now McCain) with well-deserved disdain. On television, the senator from Wisconsin (now Arizona) comes off as cruel, despicable and reckless.

How very tragic for John McCain to have made so terrible a mistake so late in life. To paraphrase a line from the movie, "The Godfather" - even for old times' sake, Americans cannot let him off the hook for this.

Nathaniel Gurien