The Bush Economy

By Bob DeMaura, NHInsider Owner/Operator

The Democrats claim the disastrous Bush Policies of the past 8 years are responsible for today’s economic downturn.

The Bush economy survived when the Clinton/Gore DotCom economy imploded with thousands of companies failing. The Clinton ‘Projected’ Budget Surplus disappeared overnight.

The Bush economy survived and prosecuted the Enron, Arthur Anderson, Worldcom, and Adelphia stock manipulation schemes of the Clinton/Gore years.

The Bush economy survived the attacks of 9/11 and the complete shutdown of the countries transportation systems.

The Bush economy survived and grew through the War against Muslim Extremists on two fronts. Afghanistan and Iraq

However in 2006 the Country and NH, tired of the wars, Voted for Change. The Democrats took over the US House, US Senate and the NH House and Senate.

Governor Lynch squandered an $87 Million dollar surplus left by Gov Benson and is now facing a deficit of over $200 Million dollars. The Democrats defined an adequate education (only union member taught is adequate) but they postponed setting the amount the State should pay (about $1Billion) towards education until after the November elections.

The Federal Democrats rammed a huge increase to the minimum wage through. This put extreme inflationary pressure on all wage and income levels. Companies cut back, but they don’t cut at the minimum wage level, they look for mid-level people who have been getting regular raises and benefit increases even though they have not improved their value to the company.

The Community Reinvestment Act of 1999 lowered Fannie and Freddie capital requirements, and lowered the standards Banks use to qualify people for home mortgages. With the Democrats in control of Banking and Finance, Franks(D-MA) in the House and Dodds(D-CT) in the Senate, no reforms of CRA were allowed.

The Democrat Energy policies sent signals to the world’s oil producers that the USA was not serious about providing their own energy causing oil prices to skyrocket.

The Ethanol mandates in the Farm Bills, that every American must buy ethanol in the flawed Food for Fuel Program, managed to raise the cost of Fuel up 50% and the cost of Food up 40% all in one program.

If you are better off today than you were two years ago then by all means vote for the Democrats this election. If not then you should vote the Republicans back into power.

How has the Vote for Change of 2006 worked out for you so far?