Jailed Blogger Forgives his Aggressor

By Ian Freeman




Dear Mikaela,


I forgive you. You probably never realized, perhaps until now, that government hurts people. I do not know you, but from listening to what you’ve said on the radio and reading about you on the Internet, I imagine that like many people, you believe that government is a handy tool you can use to make life better for people. While your intentions may be pure, the method is not. Government is force. Were you oblivious to that fact? After all, you are one of the people calling themselves part of the “City of Keene”, so whether you knew or not, that’s the tool you advocate. I’m guessing you didn’t know, as you did say on 08/09/08’s “Talkback”:


“I wouldn’t advise aggressing against anybody.”


I really appreciated when you said that! I think people working together voluntarily is a great thing. However, threatening people with violence is not a nice way to build a community with mutual respect. Based on your statement on Talkback, I thought you understood that. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was you who snitched me out to the “code enforcers” over my tenants’ couch. You said you wouldn’t advise aggressing against your neighbor, then the very same week you initiated aggression against me!


I don’t know whether you realized that what you did was aggression (It is, in the same way that hiring a hitman makes you responsible for the hit, even though you didn’t actually pull the trigger.), but either way I forgive you. Additionally, you needn’t be afraid of me snitching you out for something about your property that I don’t like, as I don’t believe your property is any of my business. Perhaps fear of retaliation was why you were afraid to come and meet me like a good neighbor would have instead of running to the “code enforcers” and having them threaten me into complying with your “city” ordinances.


Did you realize at any point that men with guns would actually throw me into a prison cell over this? That’s exactly what happened, because force is the only tool government has at its disposal. Of course the irony of the entire situation is that it would only cost a few bucks to take the couch out to the dump, but instead your friends in the “City of Keene” were willing to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars to lock me in a cage for several months over this issue! How does that make any sense?


To answer my own question, the reason they were willing to hurt me and my family (my wonderful companion Julia was made quite ill by my absence, and couldn’t work) is because it’s not about the couch, but about being obedient to the arbitrary dictates of the people calling themselves the government.


So, you were either ignorant about the coercive nature of the agency that employs you, or you’re completely aware of government’s coercive nature and you embrace it. I will presume the former, because I like to believe that people are generally good, and I believe that you are probably a very good person, just misled. I can relate as I was also ignorant to the violence of the system at one time. Then I discovered the ideas of liberty and allowing others to be free.


I forgive you for hurting me and my loved ones, Mikaela. You have no obligation to do so, but an apology from you would sure go a long way to healing the wounds and proving to the world (I imagine you’ve gotten a few emails and phone calls from those watching this situation.) that you understand that what you did was wrong.


I also hope to hear that you have embraced the idea of honoring your neighbors’ choices, even if you disagree with them. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. I don’t bite!


Your peaceful, down-the-street neighbor,

Ian Freeman