Me And A Gun

by Neil Rowland


The gun crowd is fond of saying: "An unarmed man is a subject; an armed man is a citizen." Well I thought of myself as a citizen before I went out and bought a gun. I guess now my citizenship (citizen-hood?) is over determined.


I bought in response to the election results. So did a lot of people. I was part of that run on guns you may have heard about. Some of that was to beat an expected ban on assault rifles, some of it was fear of dictatorship, some of it was fear of a breakdown of society. I don't know how bad things are going to be but I figure better safe than sorry.


But I didn't buy just because of Obama and his crowd. That was merely the precipitating event. I'd been contemplating gun ownership for a while and November 4th just nudged me over the edge.


I don't even like guns. But I like respect. Gun owners get respect. I was there when the gun owners mobbed the state Senate committee against SB44. I saw fear in Peter Burling's eyes. I thought: this is for me. Just show up and these people will respect the voters.


But it didn't work that way. At nearly every other hearing I went to on any subject the citizens' testimony was treated with contempt.


Then Eleanor Kjellman's seemingly modest anti-gun bill went down in flames. Later she lost her primary. That's when the picture came together.


IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GUNS. Those who threaten our liberties respect only two things: money and guns. Now I've got one of those things.


So be it. I don't even like guns but I bought one. There. Now see what you made me do?