Balanced Party - National Charter

By Orion Daley


We, ( The Balanced Party of the United States of America ), view that the US Constitution must be sustained; as any nation without principles is not a nation of strength. Further, that any action, law, or group of, that intend to suspend, or circumvent the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is considered unconstitutional; and to not be recognized by our government, its institutions, and by the people. We view that the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights stands on their own without dependency or reference to any other document(s).


For the Balanced Party, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as a single document, work as complements to each other. Their coexistence is viewed as a vital balance. This is where one's personal liberties and rights must be assured if to assure the security of the sovereign nation of the United States of America. We view that only in the personal freedoms and rights of the Bill of Rights can our government be assured to adhere to the Articles of the Constitution. And in this manner, to assure the sovereignty of the United States of America.


In this regard, we, the Balanced Party of the United States of America, in common purpose commit ourselves to five ( 5) principles for assuring the framework of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for the strategic future of our nation:


1- Transparent and Accountable Government to serve the people of the United States

2- The Dignity of Human Rights to assure the representation of the people.

3- Balanced Trade to assure our local industry, commerce, and jobs for the people.

4- Economic Solvency to assure the national security of our United States

5- Foreign Policy that demonstrates standards of respect towards others that we as a nation expect from them.


We see that these five principles as no replacement, or substitute for the US Constitution, and not to be construed as amendments; but as the means to knowingly exercise and demonstrate through their practice, as standards, a way of life for our government, and nation as its people, for demonstrating the respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


As diverse values can align to fundamental principles, we see that these principles through their active practice will sustain our nation; and are therefore also the basis for our party in history. This is while providing the common ground for individual differences and personal values as a republic as intended in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.


1- Transparent and Accountable Government: We believe that only when our government and its leadership is transparent can it be accountable to the people. In this manner, the balance of power as described in the US Constitution, Articles 1-III is assured.


We further see that powers in Article I of the US Constitution are not to be enumerated by Congress to any individual including the US President. This intends that Congress cannot defer its responsibilities to others.


Although the balance of power in the Constitution is intended to be separate among the three branches of government, in this manner, any secretary, or head of a department, as reflected in the executive cabinet, under the direction of the President, is to act only within the scope as a proxy between related oversight committees of Congress, and 3rd party interests. Cabinet members are not to act in any autonomous manner or diverge from the direct management of the President, and cannot receive enumerated powers from the Congress. Further, in this manner, there is to be no autonomy of US departments and agencies from the purview and oversight of Congress.


We believe that only in the government's transparency and accountability can it become cost effective in serving the people; and therefore enabling the US economy to work for the people as opposed to the people serving it. And as a result, that our communities can afford as their priority, the health, safety and welfare of their members.


To establish a transparent and accountable administration ( of the executive branch ) that works with both the House and the Senate, then the House and Senate we see are obliged to do the same. We conclude that in this way, efficiency and cost effective government can be achieved where policy and legislative action can take on measurable significance for the benefit of the people.


Further, by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the different bodies of government in working together sets the standards necessary in how departments in government bodies are to operate, work together and communicate cost effectively in getting the peoples work done. This we view as cost effective government.


Cost effective government in turn sets standards for our economy. These standards are reflected in the businesses that make up the producers and in the people who are consumers. It is not that we are to serve capitalism, but capitalism, like the government is to serve the people. This is the only way for our communities to flourish, for business to truly sustain themselves and for our economy to grow.


In this manner, our nation as a people can be empowered, and therefore the communities of our great country. We see this as the only way that each individual can have their own personal empowerment in order to be able to stand on their own two feet; which enables them to be an active participant in our communities and therefore nation. In this spirit, we say, that 'we the people can do more !'


We believe that personal empowerment starts at the community level. But this can only be if and only if our government has provided the environment for the people to stand on their own two feet. Our communities then can coherently and affectively set their expectations for representation in the House and Senate.


We hold, that these five principles assure that our nation, as its people, for the future, is united. And that this can only be achieved and reflected through the respect for diversity that is inherent in our history; and that only in this manner can government have true representation of the people. In this manner, the peoples voice is to be always heard; and that this assures the demonstrated respect for the Bill of Rights by our nations leadership which claims to represent the peoples will. It is in this manner,that our government serves its purpose for the welfare of our nation thereby assuring a fair and just society for all.


2- The Dignity of Human Rights: We see must also be the means that our communities can afford standards for the quality of life deserved by all U.S. citizens. This is regardless of economic status station; physical appearances, abilities, or disability; race, ethnic identity, color or national origin, religion or creed; sex or sexual orientation, or age.


To accomplish this, all communities must be able to have in their capacities, the ability to see that all are a vital part of this nation. This is where all American citizens are included: in other words, 'Let not this country be with out you'! There is not one greater than the heavens nor lesser than the earth we stand on. All people of our nation are to be regarded as equal in terms of their rights as American citizens.


We see that it is one's personal responsibility and as an American citizen, and as members of the nations communities to know what the Dignity of Human Rights is when it comes to the mutual respect of the people as a whole; and for the standards that we as a people have for our families and in regarding others.


In this spirit, all US citizens are welcomed into the Balanced Party. In setting expectations for Balanced Party members, discrimination is prohibited based on economic status station; physical appearances, abilities, or disability; race, ethnic identity, color or national origin, religion or creed; sex or sexual orientation, or age. Therefore we encourage full participation by all members from all types of groups in all Balanced Party policies described in this Charter and, as defined in the Bylaws.


We hold that it should be our full expectation in our communities that we are regarded by others with these same standards. We believe that these standards are in no set way, but in the spirit of 'live and let live' ; and are demonstrated in our own personal self esteem as individuals, that we are capable of demonstrating respect for all others. That is before it can be reflected by others. We view that this is not possible without one's own sense of self esteem, and that respect demonstrated cannot be demonstrated towards others if lacking the self esteem of respect for oneself. We view this self esteem can only be achieved as not one's sense of pride, but in ones humility.


We acknowledge that we all have our beliefs and faiths, and they work for our sensibilities and values. That they are the basis behind salient issues as well that we are all have become aware of; and we as individuals all have our personal and shared opinions about.


We expect that such differences in our communities for our leadership to resolve through democratic, and non autocratic processes. And that this is only through the vote that is reflected by the will of the people based on the standards inherent in the Bill of Rights: ie – In Amendment I 'to peaceably assemble and petition government with our grievances.


Over all, we view that the health of our nation is reflected in the people; and that it is the responsibility of government for the people's health, safety and welfare. We see that health, safety and welfare are a right of the people, and a privilege in being an American citizen.


In this manner, The Balanced Party in its policies is also to reflect the Economic Bill of Rights as authored and presented to Congress by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt .


3- Balanced Trade: We view that US citizens are entitled to have jobs before foreigners in the USA, and that families should not loose their house and home due to predatory lending practices.


In commerce, we intend to assure that “the right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad” as stated by FDR.


The role of the economy for our communities we see is the means of their empowerment. The flow of money and commerce in our communities is essential to our economy. Additionally, through innovation, energy sources can be of less impact to the environment and can help lower our costs of operation. This in turn lowers the cost of transportation, goods and industry at a minimum. This further lowers the cost of infrastructure which enables jobs to be created in our communities.


We view that fair trade is only through its balance, and that it is the only means to assure the return, and for ability to sustain, our industries and jobs on the shores of the United States of America.


In this manner, we view that preference in the purchase of goods is to be from US industry which provides its manufacturing and production within the bounds of the United States. This is as opposed to being from foreign shores as a US based company; and that preference is to be provided to US citizens for employment by companies that operate in the United States. This is regardless, if such business interests claim to be global, or head quartered on foreign shores.


We further view that any company that operates on US soil is to perform its banking on US soil through US based banks.


4- Economic Solvency: We view that true National Security in the 21st century is through our nations economic solvency. We view that capitalism is to be put to work for our nation as a whole. And in this manner, capitalism, and the economy are to be put to work to serve our nation and its communities. We intend that our nation, as its communities will not suffer in commerce, or in its economy due to the betterment of foreign nations; and in this manner, to assure our economic solvency as a nation.


We intend that US based banks and financial institutions and those from foreign soil that operate or do business on US Soul, regardless of lines of business or financial domains are to be regulated by Congress. Further that any financial instrument or derivative, that is traded by any firm that does business in the US, given its responsibilities in Section 8 of Article I of the US Constitution, must be fully regulated by congressional oversight. In this way, the US Congress has the opportunity to always exercise its responsibilities to the people of our nation for the well being of the economy within the nation.


We intend for market based investments to be for our nation. And that these are to be well regulated by Congress and who's compliance with fair practice is managed through the US Treasury. And for these investments to be worthwhile in effectiveness of purpose, and for providing the necessary incentive for their participants and investors, whether as an institution or private individual, that they are to be fully tax exempt. This further means that we are to use the wisdom and skills of investment management to pay off foreign debt that burdens our nation. This is as opposed to incurring more foreign debt at the cost of the US taxpayer.


We view that through these market based tax exempt investments, then we as a nation can afford needed programs like assured quality health care and a working educational system for all our citizens; and that we can re instill our economy, more employment for our people, and community empowerment to drive representation in Congress for our strategic future as a nation.


5- Foreign Policy: We view that when our government operates in a transparent and accountable manner to its people is when foreign nations and their people will envy our democracy. In this way, we will also have demonstrated a standard that can be expected from other nations.


When we demonstrate the dignity of human rights will our standards for quality of life be respected by other nations. We will then have demonstrated the quality of life and standards for human rights that we expect other nations to have for their people. When we demonstrate fair market value for our exports, where we no longer have to have a weak dollar to make them competitive, will other nations regard our goods with value. It is then that we have demonstrated value in fair trade that can be respected by other nations. When we demonstrate economic solvency is when other nations will respect our uncompromising standards for national security. It is then that other nations will know what national security is to be in the 21st century. It is then that other nations will know that we expect this same high standard in their regard for us as we regard for ourselves and for them.