Regarding Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich

By Orion Daley


Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been asked to step down by President Elect Obama. All the alleged evidence implies that this Governor is guilty as charged. He could be, but in terms of due process, are we not getting just a little ahead of ourselves?


Would it be better to be asked to 'step aside, as opposed to 'stepping down' , and let the Lt Governor function as the acting governor until Rod Blagojevich's trial is completed ?


Consider the following for stepping aside as opposed to stepping down:


1- Would it be more cost effective to ask Rod Blagojevich to step aside? In this way, he is not admitting guilt, while also not compromising the role of being the Governor in order to prove his innocence.


2- If not out of regard for due process, then what about regard for the position of Governor. Any governor can be accused of anything. If we are to lower our standards for the office itself, does it set a precedent in how vulnerable our leadership can be from accusations from others ?


3- What does it say about Due Process if one must lose their employment due to be accused of something. If this is how we do things, then can accusing others be a tool for manipulating and compromising the innocent?


4- Should we allow the principles in the Bill of Rights to be compromised, and should our leadership that claims to respect them for all, demonstrate otherwise?


5- What does it really accomplish to have our President Elect as well as the Illinois state government tell Rod Blagojevich to Step Down as opposed to Stepping Aside?


6- What does this say about our leadership?


Respectfully Yours,

Orion Karl Daley

Presidential Candidate for 2012
for the Strategic Future of our nation
Author - The New Deal ISBN: 1419670948
Balanced Party
New York, NY, USA -