D.O.S. Stalking Suzan Dennis

By Jean M. Coutu



On 12/26 the D.O.S. State investigator Mark Hilbert requested & entered Suzan Dennis's home in response to a report the D.O.S. received about an emergency generator extension cord that the owner installed during the ice storm.


The Dennis's were cordial, cooperative, honest, and allowed entry without a warrant. Where no parts or electricians were available had sought assistance from an old friend with knowledge of extension cords. Under Federal laws in the events of natural disaster's and State of Emergencies provide relief to homeowners from many codes to save their home. Under N.H. law, the homeowner of a single family dwelling who is on the deed are allowed to perform electrical work on their own home AND any individual can perform or assist if they are not compensated.


This was relayed to Mark Hilbert on 12/28. On 12/29 Mr. Hilbertentered theDennis's property several times beating on doors, ringing the door bells then following her son around the Town of Dublin, entering without permission the son's customer's properties, threatening him. The Dennis's did nothing illegal, yet, this D.O.S. investigator continued to violate their rights. The Dublin Police have contacted Mr. Hilbert to discontinue their harassment and the Dennis's, scared out of their wits are seeking a restraining order. Is this anyway for fireman to act?


Following is notice to the Dublin Fire Dept. & William Dughen State Fire Marshall.



TO: Tom Vanderbilt

Dublin Fire Chief

Dublin,N.H., 03444

FM: Jean Coutu

POB 736, Jaffrey, N.H., 03452


RE: D.O.S. Stalking of Suzan Dennis & Son

Upper Jaffrey Road, Dublin, N.H.


Dear Tom,


Again, Thank you for your assistance as required with Mark Hilbert with the N.H.D.O.S.Electrical Board investigation of Suzan Dennis's emergency temporary generator extension cord at her residence.

Suzan & her son were courteous, cooperative, honest with allowing entry, with out a warrant, into their residence with Mr. Hilbert's investigation. Being in a State of Emergency, on the Dennis's contacting mein the aftermath of theice storm, I assisted them as I did with many and to the best the circumstances would allow. All 10/3 w/ground S.O or Romex cable was no longer available anywhere or safety paks, etc. If Mr. Hilbert had looked closer he would have seen the 10-2 romex extension cord had a 4th #10 grounding conductor. My understanding of the laws was that the Dennis's actions, or my assistance without compensation, was perfectly legal. Though the application required a genpak under code, it was not available. I believe someone checked to see if PSNH power had been restored & didn't shut back off the main.Again, we are all relieved no one was harmed. I have seen several similar applications that were made by licensed electricians that week as with several comments by local code enforcement officer's allowing it.

All this aside, Mr. Hilbert's investigation appears to be escalating into a personal vendetta witch hunt with theharassment, stalking and criminal threatening of the Dennis'son 12/29/08. The Dennis's have filed a police report and will be seeking a stalking order restraint on Mr. Hilbert.You can understand thatthe Dennis's as with myself have offered tocooperate in any manner we can, but, these blatant violations of their rights cannot be tolerated. We would prefer communications, inquiries or appointments for any entries be made through you from here on.


Respectfully Reported,

Jean M. Coutu


CC: Dublin Police Dept.

Paul Waterman, Dublin Code Enforcement

J. William Deghan, State Fire Marshal