Sarah oh Sarah!

By Mike Marsh


The Republican National Committee and the McCain campaign released reports of their campaign expenditures through November 24. Included in the reports were more Sarah Palin related expenses, for items and services to make the VP nominee more glamorous.


When added to the expenses reported in October, here is the tab for Sarah’s extreme campaign makeover:


● For cloths and fashion accessories: $180,000.

● For her hairdresser and makeup artist: $110,000.

● For her personal fashion stylist, presumably to tell her you can’t wear stripes with checks or navy shoes with a black skirt: $55,000.


This is a grand total of about $345,000. For a 65 day campaign. This works out to a cost of a little over $5300 per day to make Sarah more attractive and desirable.


Res Ipsa Loquitur