Who is (W)right Obama

by John Clark

When Barack Obama needed contacts to help his 'community' efforts in Chicago some twenty years ago, he turned to a very dynamic preacher. Jeremiah Wright was in the process of building a congregation from less than one hundred to several thousand. Openly, and under the conventional radar, he based the premise of 'social theology' in a racially appealing, politically motivated manner which attracted attention only within the black community. ( Wright deserves to be recognized for such an achievement.) 

The relationship worked very successfully for both Obama and Wright, not just coincidentally it also worked for Louis Farakhan, another close associate of the congregation. All parties grew to achieve national stature.

Then, Barack Obama became a candidate for President of the United States of America, until he gained 'front runner status' his prior relationships were not relevant, now they are.

Why did Jeremiah Wright retire as soon as the relevance or connection between the two began to be significant?

Is it really necessary to be the 'past Pastor' to attempt expiation of Obama?

The fact is that the Pastor, retired or not, has now surpassed Jesse Jackson etal as the most recognized spokesman for most of the black community. 

It must be posited that the growth of his message during the past ONE week has eclipsed a million times the growth of the previous twenty years.

If Obama 'used' Wright to achieve his goals, now it would appear that Wright's message has superseded that of Obama, only time will tell which man is the more important to our Country and the direction which we shall take.

Certainly Jeremiah Wright has clearly 'stayed on message', whilst Obama is attempting the biggest 'flip-flop' ever attempted in political history.

John Clark,   Louisville Ky (former resident Peterborough, NH)