Fairpoint and Creepy Politics?

By Richard H. Olson, Jaffrey NH

Well, FairPoint Communications Corp. has officially taken over Verizon’s “land lines” and DSL services. I sided with New Hampshire ’s Consumer Advocate and the Chair of New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission and said that it was not a good fit for New Hampshire residents.

Promises! Promises! I just received my first bill from FairPoint and found out that they do not have a website that is capable of paying my phone or internet bill. I have a choice of using my bank’s “bill pay” or sending a paper check.

The explanation I received was that they needed time to set this up. Hmmmm! Wouldn’t you think that as “technology savvy” company like FairPoint was touted by supporters would already be “on line” to receive payments? After all, part of their deal depended on cash flow to support the acquisition and building the DSL network .

Creepy Politics?