Barack Obama - explained by Wright - ?

by John Clark

Last Sunday evening we were treated to a rare delight, the 'Keynote Speaker' at the Detroit NAACP Dinner.

Carried 'live' by two national TV networks, regular white folk were afforded the opportunity to be addressed by a leading Black Liberation Theologian who was speaking to 'us' rather than to his 'normal' congregation. Jeremiah Wright explained in a very lucid manner why he felt that color did indeed make people different, he went to considerable length to differentiate the cognitive reality perceived by black and white.

A speech with sufficient examples of both African and European origin thought processes to assure 'us' many times over that "Indeed Change is Coming".

In quite a different manner of Speech than those given within his Home Church, Wright left no doubt of the differences between the way he and his followers, including as stated last evening, the Nation of Islam, see what they wish our Country should be from the Country which predominantly white Europeans have built.

No recognition was given for the evolution and emancipation of the last two centuries, only "That Change is Coming" 

No inkling of fault being with anyone except the white majority who must accept "The Change which is Coming"

Given such a Speech, by Barack Obama's current Pastor ( until the end of May, according to his introducer that evening ) it is totally beyond my comprehension just how a President with the thought processes described in such detail by Jeremiah Wright could possibly represent ALL of the people, including those who 'think so differently'.

Especially a prospective President (and spouse ) who have been Wright's congregants and friends for twenty years.

Wright made no attempt to offer any exceptions to his 'Thought Process' paradigm, thus including ALL black people in his characterization.

Until this Speech a lot of white folk had no idea that the difference was so profound. Probably  a large number of both black and white folk, could and should, disagree with Wright's Speech and his reasoning, but now it is out there for Obama to suffer the consequence.

Liberation Theology has changed the political face of Latin America in the last four decades into a communist dominated society. "Change has Indeed Arrived in those Countries".

This Speech, without being specific, left little doubt as to the implied "Change" facing the United States of America. 

Thank You, Jeremiah Wright, for explaining so clearly !!

note: Please go to   for a basic definitive Paper on Liberation Theology