Make Friends with Michael Moore

by Dave Jarvis

Well, it has happened. Warnings that I placed in my blog regarding some future documentary that will explode onto the political world like a chemical weapons attack is now in the works. Michael Moore will be releasing a documentary next year and every Republican should prepare for it by agreeing with its assumptions before it is even released. Get your vote for impeachment on record because after next year there will be no more credible chance to let the world know how much you dislike the Bush family.

The substance of the documentary is yet unknown but Moore is calling it toxic, dangerous, says it is both about Bush family politics and how our nation became an empire. The list of verifiable landmines in the Bush family history should make any conservative nervous. As has been proven often in history in difficult national moments the stupidity of one person or a small group of people can ruin a particular ideology forever. The Spanish now have a fear of religion because of Franco. The French and Russians have a fear of the Right because of idiotic authoritarians. The Germans fear a standing military because of Hitler. And now Americans will begin a long-standing fear of religious conservatives because of George Bush, that is unless religious conservatives wisely throw him under the bus while they have the chance.

What does Michael Moore have in his arsenal? Let’s take a look at the well documented facts:

Prescott Bush, Bush’s grandfather was basically Hitler’s financier in the United States.

Prescott Bush was part of a failed right wing coup back in the thirties.

George Bush Senior was one of the planners of the Bay of Pigs and even named the CIA operation after his oil company that had wells off the coast of the Bay of Pigs, Zapata.

George Bush Senior had a close friend, George de Mohrenschildt, who was Lee Harvey Oswald’s only friend in Dallas.

George Bush Senior had a close friend, E. Howard Hunt who admitted to being part of a conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

Richard Nixon had employed Jack Ruby while he was a Rep. in Congress.

George Bush Senior was debriefed by J. Edgar Hoover regarding the Kennedy assassination a week after it took place.

George Bush Senior’s friend, George de Mohrenschildt, wrote a letter to Bush while Bush was CIA Director apologizing for publicly claiming that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy, and asked Bush to call off agents who he claimed had been following him around. A couple months later, before being called to testify to the House Subcommittee on Assassinations, he died of a shotgun wound to the head.

George Bush Senior’s good friend and business associate had a son who almost made then Vice-President Bush the President of the United States by shooting and almost killing President Ronald Reagan.

George Bush Senior owned United Fruit, a sometimes brutal cover for CIA covert wars in Central America.

Iran Contra

Savings and Loan scandal

George Bush Senior’s role in brokering large scale arms deals.

George Bush Senior’s close relationship with the Saudi ruling elite

George Bush Senior’s close relationship with the father and brother of the planner of the worst terror attack on US soil.

First Iraq war, caused by a diplomatic mistake (Saddam asked permission to invade and Bush senior granted it)

Second Iraq war, caused by an intelligence mistake (we all know that story)

Bush family connections to Enron.

etc., etc, etc….

There is no way that even a fraction of these dangerous facts about the Bush family will not change peoples’ minds about our history, American politics, and the Republican Party specifically. I have not met a person who has heard them all, looked at the documentation, and not believed that we have an extremely dangerous lunatic fringe roosting at the uppermost limits of Republican policy.

At this point, there is only one way of saving conservatism in the United States…bend. In history, where other ideologies failed to bend they ended up breaking permanently, it is time for Republicans to bend and bend deep. Healthcare reform is our best place to bend because reform will happen anyway. If we get in and drive we will look better to the American people and we can claim to be a very different Republican Party. And if we don’t get in and drive a wave of anti-Republican sentiment will roll over us like a steam roller.

It’s a new world for Republicans beginning next year. Be smart and change now, while it still looks honest.