Rights of the People Trampled

by Jordan Ulery (R- Hills 27)

Wednesday night, June 4, 2008, the House and Senate were called to special session because of a so-called emergency facing the state. The “emergency” was solely the lack of leadership and fiscal responsibility of the Governor and the majority party. That lack of leadership was due to overspending and dismal management. In reality there was no “emergency,” other than the Governor wanting to announce his candidacy on June 10 that he had temporally resolved the mess he created. In short the “emergency” was a quest for power.

The Speaker, in a desperate bid to regain control of a House fractured, said that all Representatives had a duty to be present. She was wrong, if by being present meant denying our constituents the right to be heard and have their voices counted. She was wrong when the people of New Hampshire were denied their Natural Rights to have an open, free and accessible government. The Speaker was wrong when, in my humble opinion, the socialistic antics of the Democrat leadership violated Article 8 of the New Hampshire Constitution.

New Hampshire has traditionallyhad an open process where expenditures of monies were discussed in a public forum. That public forum was denied the people of New Hampshire by the Democrat Leadership’s arbitrary process. The absolute worst of back-room (no longer smoke filled) secret shenanigans took place that fateful evening. In a year with record revenues, the budget is still on track to have a $225,000,000.00 plus deficit and the Democrat party added another $100,000,000.00 in spending June 4th. All the Republican Party leadership asked for was a free, open and public discussion of the proposed expenditures and input from the public.

Just what is the Democrat leadership afraid of - the people? Is it too much to demand that we, the people have open free and accessible government? Is it too much to require of our elected leaders, Republican or Democrat, that they listen to the people and redress (or at least listen to) any complaints we may have?

Then again, when one looks at what has happen nationwide with the voice of the citizen one can see that perhaps the Democrat Party is afraid of the people. Look at their system of ordaining a candidate. The people vote, but in some states only ½ the votes count. The people vote, but even then the all knowing, all powerful, elite “superdelegate” can cancel out those votes on a whim in a quest for power.

Yes, perhaps that is exactly what happened last Wednesday. Those who know better than we the citizens, the voters, the parents of New Hampshire; those that were afraid of actual free, open and responsive government; sought out power – regardless of the good of the State.