A Great Deal of Foolishness

by Dave Jarvis

While American politicians and journalists debate the inner workings of our capitalist economy a clear sign appears that the price of oil has not been the product of either supply or demand issues, but instead the product of speculation regarding future supply. With the price of oil plummeting on news that the American government is getting more serious about diplomacy with Iran and even rumors that we are making headway toward a permanent diplomatic presence in Iran, some people must be feeling especially foolish. Those who sided with extremely unpopular oil interests asking for congress to allow oil companies to drill anywhere, including in your grandma’s back yard are faced with glaring evidence that speculation did actually have a great deal to do with oil prices. And those advocating for an intrusive investigation into the nefarious business of trading futures contracts (without ever expecting delivery of a thousand barrels of oil, god forbid) are faced with the reality that there actually was a potential supply issue staring us in the face, albeit a suspected future supply issue.

Our current president could have been more vigorous in his discussions with Iran from the beginning. He could have been more vigorous in prosecuting our war in Iraq, and in executing some semblance of diplomacy with regard to the Israeli/Palestinian question. He has made a gamble on Israel. He has said that he either wants both sides to agree to the other’s legitimacy or he will step away from the table. He either fails or chooses not to recognize that our position is at the table. It gives us leverage, and if each side agrees to the other’s legitimacy we actually lose a position of power in the Middle East. Limited conflict in Israel is not our greatest danger. Losing our place at the table, or in Bush’s case giving it away, is the loss of a bargaining chip with Iran. Our current administration has been either too stupid to recognize it or cognizant that diplomatic holes in the Middle East lead to higher oil prices, thus abetting our current energy shock. Either way, that SOB should be kicked to the street, TODAY!

I agree 100% with Dennis Kucinich and I think anyone trying to turn the case for impeachment into partisan politics should have their head examined. We are walking a precarious line with global depression because of George W. Bush. He is a threat to peace. He is a threat to the economy. He is a threat to the Constitution. And he is a drain on public morale when we need it most.

The current drop in oil prices is nothing less than proof that the Middle Eastern diplomacy of George Bush, or lack thereof was responsible for the exorbitant oil prices we have been experiencing. Democrats have been too stupid to point that out and instead point to capitalism as being the problem. Instead of pointing to increased oil revenues and bonuses as evidence of a problem, the mindless minions in the Democratic Party point to increased profits for oil companies. Profits are always minimized when windfall revenues come in. Companies have to pay taxes on profits. They give themselves large bonuses and reinvest money in other companies, where they also happen to be investors, and give themselves large bonuses there as well. They are making a ton of money, and because the opposition party in Washington is too stupid to understand the game some people continue making money hand over fist; that is until their boy in Washington signals time-out by opening up negotiations with Iran.

Republicans point to non-existent supply issues, playing the stooge for the oil lobby assuming that the public will never catch on to the game. Of all the crises we face, economic, environmental, security, etc., nothing quite compares to the crisis of stupidity we are facing. Our politicians are failing us drastically.

We need to impeach Bush. We need to do it quickly. I don’t care if there is only one day left in his administration. He does not deserve to be allowed to finish his term. I think every American politician should be able to get together on this. He serves as no political value to Republicans and only helps Democrats politically. Through either calculated mistakes or flat out incompetence he has taken our nation to the brink and a strong message of our national disapproval should be sent, and sent today.