The King is Dead, Long Live the King

By Dave Jarvis

Today in the ancient news icon of New Hampshire, the Union Leader, Jay Ambrose laments the waning influence of newspapers and their financial hardships. I find it hard to share his emotions. He discusses the inability of other news sources to provide the same level of credibility, the same amount of information, or appeal to the same broad audiences that newspapers do. Give me a break.

I have been trying for about a week to get a letter to the editor published, one much more polite and less inflammatory than the readers of nhinsider may have seen, and using the most gentile argument possible, stating my belief that the threat of conflict with Iran has been the major player in the rise of oil prices. I got an extremely volatile version, utilizing the fullness of the capabilities of the English language, published online within five minutes reaching the largest audience possible.

The mainstream media has clogged the information market with ideas that too much buying and selling in Chicago and London is why oil is too expensive or that in the last few years supply has screeched to a halt, while demand has quintupled. None of these arguments make any sense. I truly believe the energy markets have been bracing for yet another war, something that has been considered a very real possibility, and that war with Iran who has been reported to have sleeper cells in Saudi Arabia and throughout the gulf ready to sabotage oil production, would mean a break down in global oil production…something the CIA has been warning about for years. But, because so many intelligent people have bought into either of these other brilliant arguments and written extensively about them no newspaper in the country is willing to publish yet another opinion discussing why we are facing the threat of depression.

Frankly, I am glad to see the rise of internet news. It is wild. It is crazy. There are kooks. There are hotheads. There are those who walk the line that separates fringe thought from mental illness. And there are those who are so committed to providing their unvarnished opinions without the aid of an editor that the news becomes unpolished and much more human.

Attempting to invade the mainstream media with a factoid of heartfelt opinion is a depressing ordeal, while attempting to share with those of New Hampshire willing to ride the crazy wave of open source information is like a warm knife through butter. So, the king is dead you say? Whatever… Long live the king.