Democratic Delegates Worried About Voting Trends. - Money Can't Buy Them Love

By David Howaniac

Democratic delegates and super delegates are hearing from the American people loud and clear, our votes will count or else! Many people feel that the primaries were not fair to voters and are reminding delegates that they have an obligation to the American people to reconsider who their nominee will be at the Convention. Both candidates must be put into nomination so the delegates can vote the will of the people who voted in their states.

The American people are not stupid. We know that Obama came to the senate bearing monetary gifts to fellow democrats. We are aware that Obama gave large sums of money to super delegates to "buy" their support. We are aware that as the democratic convention nears, the Obama campaign is intimidating delegates and super delegates to prematurely "secure" their votes for Obama and that they are also threatening Hillary Clinton with a highly funded opponent in the future. This is becoming public knowledge and Obama is dropping in the polls.

This is not the America that we want for our future, where our votes are for sale to the highest bidder. An America where delegates and super delegates are "pressured" to declare who they will vote for before the convention votes are cast and where party leaders advise them not to sign the petition some delegates are circulating to have Hillary Clintons name put into nomination at the democratic convention.

Many Americans are prepared to take action against electing these same politicians that are enabling party leaders to put their will over the will and votes of the American people. Contributions from all over the country have helped to fund a signature drive for a candidate to run against Nancy Pelosi. This should be a signal to ALL democratic politicians that in the future, rhetoric and money will not "buy" your success when the will of the people is to defeat your election. Expect to be challenged, expect voters to be immune to rhetoric, and learn that money alone will not "buy" your success.

The Democratic primaries have opened up the eyes of many Americans. It has exposed the bias of cable news networks and the pundits to the point that Americans distrust them and are becoming immune to their rhetoric and spin. The American people are ready for a "change", but just not the change that the democrats and Obama had envisioned. In the process of exposing those within the party that are gaming the system and the American people, Obama has exposed himself as the one of the most "bought and paid for" politicians of our time, who is scratching everyone's back to "buy" his way into the Whitehouse.