We've Been Lynch'd Again

By Live Free or Die Blog


Gov. Lynch’s almost-ignored approval of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative(RGGI) a few months back is indicative of how the cataracts have grown wildly across New Hampshire’s traditional vision of a limited and responsible government. RGGI will make energy in New Hampshire more expensive and no one can dispute that. The research shows it, even tries to write it off as a wash because the State will get increased revenue from it.

Since Lynch has condoned laundering tax money through the energy companies, in the form of increased energy prices to consumers–that happen to relate directly to how much more money ends up in the state coffers–is anyone in the press going to question this backhanded abandonment of his promise to veto a broad based tax? This is a broad based tax.

And why is a state that is currently begging for federal fuel aid like some Dickensian orphan, signed on to a program that is almost guaranteed to make that need greater each and every year?

We’re getting Lynch’d.

The democrats had two years to send us a message about their ideas on good governance, and that message appears to be pay up.