Shaheen Opposes Freedom Of Speech, While Refusing To Support Secret Ballot

By Marshall Cobleigh

Jeanne Shaheen is up to her old tricks. First she claims "New Hampshire families need a new direction that puts their needs first."
Then she hires a Washington D.C. law firm to threaten the loss of their broadcast licenses to 13 New Hampshire radio stations if they don't stop running an advertisement by the Associated Building and Contractors (with a strong 226 New Hampshire membership) that correctly states her long held position "Basically if it is not wind or solar power, Jeanne Shaheen's against it."
Anyone who has been around at anytime during Jeanne Shaheen's political career as the local builders and contractors were,  knows that statement truly reflects her position. In fact I will go a step further having spent many years on Television with her. Shaheen's real position on energy issues is that she will always oppose what is currently before her, and is in favor of whatever is not currently on the table. P.J. O'Rourke calls her position NOPE- Not On Planet Earth
In the article that her Washington hired lawyers cite to prove their point Shaheen is also quoted as saying "Opening up additional offshore lands to not a solution that will help middle class families." Guess what? That statement from the article that her lawyers quote didn't happen to make it into the law suit.
Meanwhile while Shaheen blathers and sues, you and I continue to pay about $4.00 a gallon for gas at local pumps.
At the same time Jeanne Shaheen is suing to stifle the right of free NH Political debate that our Constitution provides us, she is strangely silent about where she stands on her union boss friends effort to take away the right for workers in NH to use a secret ballot in determining their future goals.