The Importance of County Government

By Pam Manney Candidate County Commissioner of Hillsborough County, District 3.


I am running for County Commissioner because I believe I can do things in a different way that will lead to better results for the County, County employees and the taxpayers who foot the bill.

My campaign will focus on
Open government; Efficient County Operations; Respect for the voters, taxpayers and employees of HillsboroughCounty; and being a team player with those who work for, do business with, and pay for County Operations.

As my record shows, I believe in being accessible to constituents, open government and working as a team player.

I will use the experience I have gained over the years in Municipal, State and County Government to provide the most efficient County services, ensuring equity for county employees, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.


What is County Government and what does a County Commissioner do?


Some of the questions I¢m always asked while out on the campaign trail is, "What is County Government, why do we need it and what does it do for me"?

County government has been around since colonial days and provides valuable services to its residents that are not always provided by local or state government.

The day to day financial management and control of county assets and liabilities are vested in the County Commissioners who are given authority over the general management and control of the Financial Affairs of the County and County Property.

            County Government Saves taxpayer dollars

There is a belief that County Government is an unnecessary level of Government.

That thought couldn¢t be further from the truth as County Government actually saves the taxpayer dollars because small government is efficient government.

The County provides many services to you at a small cost on your property tax bill. You can imagine what the increase would be if your town had to absorb the cost of services now provided by the county!
Our taxes are high enough, and, with the ever increasing food and energy cost, the taxpayer doesn't need to have anymore added to their expenses and eliminating County Government would do just that.

             County Services and Community Programs

Some examples of County Services your County Commissioner has management and financial oversight of are:

Human Services Department
2. Office of County Attorney
3. Office of Registrar of Deeds
4. Office of County Sheriff
5. County Nursing Home
6. Department of Corrections

Some examples of County support to other agencies

St. Joseph's Community Services
2. Family Intervention Program
3. Intensive Juvenile Intervention Program

Some examples of programs that benefit Hillsborough County communities

Southern New Hampshire Services
     - the place to go when you need help - fuel assistance, housing, medical, schooling.....
HCDOC Community Service Program
3. Incentive Fund Program


It's time for a fresh perspective in County Government and you can depend, that when elected, I'll be just that. And, as your County Commissioner, you¢ll know what¢s going on in your County Government and what services are available to you because I¢ll make sure the services are posted on the county website in a clear and user-friendly fashion and I¢ll make sure the minutes and agendas are posted on the website so you¢ll know how your County tax dollars are being spent.


Please vote Pam Manney on Tuesday, September 9, 2008.


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Pam Manney is a Republican candidate for County Commissioner and a Goffstown resident. She is a current State Representative serving Goffstown and Weare, NH and is a member of the Hillsborough County Executive Committee charged with the oversight of county finances and expenditures.


Pam Manney

46 Knollcrest Road

Goffstown, NH 03045-1836