Do You Really Want Someone Like Them Elected As Our President?

by Tom Humphreys

In the upcoming Presidential election, our country, our ideals, our philosophy and ultimately our way of life, which has kept America as a world leader and beacon of hope for the past 200+ years face the greatest challenge in our history.

This challenge comes not from an outside threat, although we certainly face those, but from within, from those determined but severely misguided individuals who would like nothing better than to turn America into another one of the socialist states that exist in Europe or other parts of the world.

If we allow the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency, then we will find ourselves on a dangerous and perhaps irreversible course to oblivion, and the dust bin of history.

  • Obama's inexperience and extreme left-wing voting record is more dangerous than any threat we face today
  • The Rev. Wright debacle reveals Obama's poor judgment of character and deceitful nature
  • It won't be politics of change with President Obama — it will be liberal politics as usual

Obama is the most unqualified and ill-equipped individual that could ever be mistakenly elected as our President. His only qualification (??) comes from his public speaking. In speaking with and listening to those who support him, the common thread one hears is that he is so inspiring and uplifting. Well, so were Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Fidel Castro, but look what they did for Germany and Italy in the 1940’s or what Cuba is today.


Obama is carefully pandering to a smorgasbord of target groups, following the lead of other like minded individuals in his party such as Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean.

Nancy Pelosi : “ "We democrats are going to address this issue after the election when we take control of the congress. We will return to the 60% to 80% tax rates on the rich and we will be able to take at least 30% of all current lower Federal Income tax payers off the roles and increase government income substantially. We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income in our country and at the same time limiting the amount the rich can invest."

When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied ; "We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long ways to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as "Americans".

Howard Dean : In 2004, the current head of the Democratic National Committee, while speaking to a party gathering in New York, told them “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for”

My response would be: “Well Howard, we don’t think much of you and your party of compassion and understanding either”

More on Obama’s qualifications.

One would be hard pressed to find documentable and quantifiable evidence of his contributions to his constituency as either an Illinois or US elected official. In the words of an Illinois resident and voter: “In 2006 we elected him to the United States Senate, and two days later he started running for President and has not done one meaningful thing for the people of Illinois.”

As a US Senator Obama has a reputation for voting “present,” thus avoiding controversial decisions that could be used against him later. In the U.S. Senate, he has missed more than one in five votes. Only one of the measures Obama has sponsored as a U.S. senator was enacted: a bill to “promote relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Contrary to Obama’s portrayal of himself as a unifier, on every bipartisan effort in the Senate to forge compromises on tough issues, Obama has been missing in action.

In sum, it would be difficult to imagine a more mediocre record. Most candidates for dog catcher have contributed more to society. Yet with the help of adoring reporters, Obama has managed to parlay extraordinary speaking and political skills into a presidential campaign built on sand.

The idea that America might entrust its security and future to someone who has never demonstrated an ability to get anything of significance done is scary.

It is remarkable, and more than a little un-nerving to watch the mainstream media, and note how soft is their touch on Barack Obama. It appears there’s a desire on the part of many in the mainstream media to recreate the Camelot years of John F. Kennedy, in the hope that Barack, his wife Michelle, and their young children can be like the Kennedys of old. And so we will have the rose-colored glasses probably throughout the campaign .

There are those in the media, and the East Coast, West Coast bastions of liberalism who view the upcoming election as an un-necessary formality. Having anointed Obama as the chosen one, these liberal elitists, and their supporters, see no reason why it should be necessary to entrust the outcome to the unknowing masses of voters in flyover country. It began with the presumptive nominee’s trip to the Middle East and Europe. The Obama campaign began referring to the candidate as if he already were president. That, while politically risky, is certainly understandable. What is not understandable is how many in the media went along with what the campaign fed them. They began to treat the senator from Illinois as if he already had been elected president. These are media types who believe that perception is reality. If they can convince the electorate that Sen. Obama already is president the election will become a mere formality. In fact, the election is a sort of tolerated nuisance in their eyes.

The Democratic party, in its quest for power, has created a “Messiah-Like” image of an individual who fails every reasonable test of leadership, other than the fact he is one of most radical, leftist thinking people one could encounter in their lifetimes, and anyone who dares criticize or speak negatively of Obama is either a bitter, gun-toting religious nut or a racist or both, and will be demonized and denigrated for doing so.

In a recent campaign event, Obama stated that his opponent was running a campaign designed to scare voters. Well, I for one, was already scared, and that feeling only grows stronger with the passing of each day.

In the words of Jon Voight, (One of the few Hollywood types who is not afraid to speak out against the prevailing mindset that exists there) “With what Obama has openly stated about his plans for the military, and his demonstrated lack of understanding of the true nature of our enemies, there is not a cell in my body that can accept and believe that as president he would keep us safe from the Osama Bin Laden’s of the world whose only goal is our downfall and destruction. This is a perilous time, and more than ever the world needs a unified and strong America. If, God forbid, we should see Obama elected president, we will find ourselves in a socialist era, the likes of which have never been seen in America before, and our country will be weakened in every way.”

In conclusion, to meet this unprecedented threat, we need to mobilize all of our resources and focus every effort in not only electing Senator John McCain our next president, but in taking back control of Congress. For if we fail, then our future will indeed be bleak. We need only to look to our south to see what not only New Hampshire, but our entire country will become like. That being the “Socialist Peoples Republic of Massachusetts”, where a “State of Oneness” exists. Such a state being defined as “One Citizen, One Vote, One Candidate, One Party, One Way of Thinking.