Reflections on the Convention For Obama

By Peter Bearse

The title here does not label the Convention “Democratic” because it does not deserve the adjective, even with a small ‘d’. It was like one giant rally for Obama from beginning to end. The National Socialist (Nazi) Party could not have done a better job for their own leader [der Feuhrer].

The entire event was heavily scripted and highly controlled from start to finish. Nothing was left to chance. Media speculation wondered whether the Clintons’ might instigate an uprising, or do anything less than join the unending chorus of praise and support for Obama. All important decisions, including the wording of the party platform – an important subject for discussion and debate in democratic conventions past – were made before the Convention began. The nomination of Hillary was a charade, quickly put to rest with another unanimous acclamation for Obama. The assembled might as well have changed a few words in an old song to sing: ‘Back to Barack, belly to belly; I don’t give a damn and it doesn’t matter any…’

The fact that party conventions of both major parties have become a lot of media hype to make celebrities out of politicians should give voters pause. Let us ask, with Ben Franklin: Do we want a democratic Republic? Do we still have one? Can we “keep it”? Is texting via cell phones a substitute for face-to-face political discussion? Are the new technologies going to empower and liberate us or are they, as radio did in the ‘30’s and TV has been doing ever since, providing new tools for domination by political elites?

Lest we be misled by the misuse of the word “Democratic”, let us reflect on the controlled nature of the convention and ask: Does this represent the true nature of the Democratic Party and its ruling ideology? Do we want a command and control economy? Do we want mass politics that has people facing only towards a raised rostrum featuring a leader-as-American Idol? Are we observing the final degradation of American democracy? And if you share the concern for the renewal of our Republic implied by these questions: What are you going to do?

PETER BEARSE, Ph.D., Independent Candidate for Congress, NH CD 1