Shaheen's Heroes For Truth and Justice

By Live Free Or Die

Shaheen has launched a four person committee whose sole purpose is to combat what PR gal Kate Bedingfield calls distortions of Sununu’s record coming from the Republican side.” Buther Truth team for Justice and the Non-Republican Way™ is a non-starter from go because this very announcement, coming from the Democrat side, is loaded with distortions of its own. The two republicans (there are also two “democrats”) may be registered as such, but if you had to point them out in a field manual based on their political behavior, you’d be at a total loss. Republicans? Where?

So who are Shaheen’s heroes for truth and justice?

Steve Walter is a member of Republicans for Lynch and Republicans for Clinton .And if that isn’t the stupidest thing you have ever heard of, Mr.Walter even introduced Hillary at a campaign rally during the primaries. Steve also voted for Kerry based on public statements he’s made. But in Steve’s defense, his son has juvenile diabetes, and he seems to be voting for anyone who will heavily fund embryonic stem cell research. My heart goes out to him, his son and his family, but I have yet to see any evidence that embryonic research is the more viable path, particularly given the tremendous success of Adult stem cell research and the complete lack of results even from privately funded embryonic research. While I understand his motivation, and don’t begrudge him his priorities, I can’t share this current vision for finding a treatment, or support the people he believes will help him find it; mostly because the cost to the rest of us is too great. These politicians might fund his research for good or bad, but they are also in favor of so many other things I abhor even a minor victory could be pyrrhic.

Regardless of that it seems politically impossible to support the policies of Clinton, Lynch, or Shaheen, even casually (because when you vote for one policy you get them all), and still call yourself a Republican. And when you are trolled out as one of two token republicans for the purpose of demonstrating an attempt at balance ina political “truth” experiment, when you are clearly voting and supporting democrats in high places (regardless of the consequences from the rest of their agenda) I have a problem. Steve, I want badly for you and your son to find a treatment or even a cure, and I will freely support technologies that appear to have the best chance, but in New Hampshire we have people just like you who choose to call themselves independents because of these same kinds of policy conflicts.

Rick Russman is also a Lynch supporter who appears to vote green above all else. Like Steve Walter he seems to have something of a single focus, but in this case it is on what politicians (democrats) can do for the environment without as much concern for what they will do to us in the process. He’s Chairman of the Granite State Conservation voter’s alliance (GSCVA), which just happens to endorse Peter Burling for NH State Senate, one of Shaheen’s two Truth Team democrats. Russman’s GSCVA currently endorses three republicans and three democrats. I have not vetted the republicans policy history as yet, but they are all pro-conservation, pro-environment; not a bad thing necessarily unless they have some other liberal baggage that questions their party affiliation. Two of the democrats are running for State Senate (Peter Burling and Sylvia Larson) and one for Executive council (Deb Pignatelli). And of course Russman endorses Lynch and now Shaheen.

Russman and his green warriors are certainly welcome to endorse anyone they want, and I appreciate their interest in conservation; I happen to be a big fan of the great outdoors, but I also happen to think we can have the same kind of success privately without growing more expensive and inefficient government bureaucracy to get us there. But claiming to be a republican treading this kind of ground will only get you so far with other Republicans, particularly when you insist on endorsing liberal democrats whose other policy notions are a real Republicans worst nightmare. Mr. Russman, like Mr. Walter, is not a fan of Sununu but Russman clearly has an overwhelming interest in Shaheen’s left wing Green agenda, and whether they are both in step with the entire agenda of those they endorse, or just want these candidates despite the collateral risks, their support as “republicans” risks the same outcome. Another tax and spend big government Liberal in the senate. Mr. Russman, like Mr. Walter, should declare himself either a democrat or an independent.

Kathy Sullivan , a well known NH Dem, has some problems that need to be resolved before we can rely on her to tell the truth about anyone else. She willfully housed a student from out of state who was illegally registered to vote in New Hampshire as a resident. This student was also busted with a trunk full of Republican campaign signs he had been collecting, and while we cannot say for sure if Kathy has plausible deniability, given the fact that the student was doing this while residing in her home, and was registered illegally to vote, you are free to speculate amongst yourselves. She has not admitted any wrongdoing up to this point but speculation alone should have sunk her ship, yet here we have her assigned the duty of truant officer for ‘Truth’ in Republican policy statements. The irony of this is palpable.

Peter Burling is a straight line, true-blue liberal democrat from Cornish. He appears to be exactly what he claims to be, and thankfully no one is trying to pass him off as a republican. Too far-fetched perhaps? I did hear a rumor that he is so far left that he can’t even make a right hand turn without making three lefts in succession. (Just a rumor)

So Truth be told ,if ever it can be, Shaheen’s little task force is likely to keel over to port with so many left leaning ‘observers’ in the boat no matter what they call themselves. But this should work well for the press when it comes to objectivity. Many of them can already be found milling around the left side of the policy lake, so it should be that much easier for them to catch whatever the ‘Truth Team for Justice’ has to throw out.And they can easily toss them a line if one of the Truth Team members should happen to fall off themselves.

So keep your eyes and ears open because Shaheen’s fearsome-foursome, the Truth Team for Justice is here, secret identities and all. And while I don’t know if we can expect to get any actual truth out of them that isn’t skewed to the left, until they actual say something we can debate, I’ll just wait for the action figures to show up in my kids happy meals.