The War Against Life

by Dave Jarvis, NH CD-1 Republican Candidate

Today, Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is under fire from Democrats for the pregnancy of her seventeen year old daughter. Somehow it is considered a political scandal. Would it have been so if her daughter had had an abortion? No. If she had had an abortion she would not be incurring the wrath of the Democratic Party. It is only the choice for life that is so repulsive to liberals and counts for a scandal. The rest of America sees this pregnancy for what it is, possibly a mistake, but a new life nonetheless and a life to be celebrated. The fury of the Democrats is no surprise to me though, having run for congress as a Democrat and having spoken to the committed Democrats of the state of New Hampshire regarding life issues. At the time, I considered myself a “pro-life Democrat”, a term that today I simplify; I was naive.


After working to get Carol Shea-Porter elected to office, I watched dissilusioned as within the first moments after gaining power the Democrats repealed the parental consent laws so that any minor in the state could have an abortion without even discussing it with their parents. Soon after, the U.S. Supreme Court supported a ban on the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion where babies up to the ninth month of development could be aborted in a practice worthy of the Third Reich. Democrats everywhere howled in anger over the ruling that most Americans considered common decency. It was at that moment that I realized that my role in politics as a pro-life Democrat was merely a lie. The truth is, I should have known earlier.


When giving speeches to hardcore Democrats during the Congressional race I warned against a precipitous departure from Iraq and was the only Congressional candidate in 2006 to openly suggest troop increases. I was screamed at and insulted for it. When I warned these loyal Democrats about the toll in human life that would result from leaving Iraq in the midst of a civil war I was met with the cruelest of responses, “Let 'em die.” Throughout the campaign it seemed to me to be the real idea behind the rapid redeployment argument.


Thankfully, we have a Presidential candidate that fought long and hard defending the lives of our troops in harms way while making sure genocide didn't take over the entire Middle East. Thankfully, we have a John McCain. And thankfully we have a Vice Presidential candidate like Sarah Palin, a member of Feminists for Life (one of the most thoughtful pro-life organizations, and of which I am a member). And thank God they are both supportive of her daughter's decision to love and cherish the baby inside her womb.


But the voters of New Hampshire should not delude themselves like I did. There is no place for anyone even remotely pro-life in the Democratic Party. Evidence of this is everywhere. And assured of their own electoral victory in November the Democratic Party has even changed the wording of its official abortion policy from “Safe, Legal, and Rare” to “safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.” The hard truth is, and it took me a long time to accept it, is that they do not want less abortions. They want more.


It is through this mindset that Sarah Palin's daughter failed her family and her society. It's not that she got pregnant. It's that she decided for life. Those like me who support healthcare reform, and who support the rights of gays and lesbians to marry, and who are against the death penalty, but who commit the ultimate crime of believing life is sacred are absolutely unwelcome in the Democratic Party and should accept that fact immediately. We are all Sarah Palin's daughter to them. We are all a scandal.