Thank You

By Dave Jarvis, Candidate for Congress (NH CD-1)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have allowed me media access in my Congressional campaign and also to those who have visited my site, watched my videos, and read my issue statements. I am aware of the time constraints people face these days and I know how difficult it is in such a small amount of time to choose our future leaders.


I especially would like to thank Bob DeMaura, owner and manager of, the best blog site in the state. I would suggest to other political candidates to use as it is particularly helpful in managing what inquiring minds learn about your campaign or about your competition when performing a google or yahoo search. For instance, if you search for '“john stephen” “jeb bradley”' in google your first result will be a guest blog entitled “The John Stephen Jeb Bradley Debates” written by Congressional candidate Dave Jarvis. And when searching on '“Jeb Bradley” debate' it is sixth. So really, NHInsider is a very valuable political tool.


I would also like to thank the bloggers and those frequent commenter on NHInsider and throughout the New Hampshire blogosphere. I am aware that I am a particularly harsh debater and very aggressive at defending my beliefs and that many of you have experienced my willingness to strike at the jugular. You should also know that I consider you the best of the political world in New Hampshire.


Lastly I would like to thank America itself and the State of New Hampshire for allowing me a place in this congressional campaign. It is one of the greatest honors of my life to be able to give of my ideas and my conscience to such an important debate. In my own way I took my responsibilities as a candidate as seriously as anyone and I hope that those paying attention to my campaign would see that.


So to all of you, thank you. And best of luck to all of you as you vote tomorrow. The only thing I can tell you is that you should vote your conscience. God gives us a conscience for a reason and when we all follow ours wherever it leads us the world becomes a better place. Conscience is where miracles begin in the world of ideas.


Thanks and God Bless.