Vote for Dave Jarvis for U.S. Congress

By Dave Jarvis, Candidate US Congress (NH CD-1)


Today the debates are over. Jeb Bradley has called John Stephen names and John Stephen has called Jeb Bradley names. They both have a great deal of experience in politics, each with a long list of loyal followers and each with a great deal of money. And they spent a lot of time talking about the mistakes of the other. We all make mistakes. But the worst failures are those that we bring into the present with us. And although I was not a part of that debate, I can at least follow in the same vein as my competition for congress and tell the people of New Hampshire what I think of them.


The failure of John Stephen has been and still is not seeing the need for greater government involvement in Healthcare reform. That failure, the evidence of which Bradley is beating him over the head with, he wears like a “kick me” sign. His inability to see the validity of government initiative in Healthcare puts him far outside the most important issue of the day, alongside another wise New Hampshire politician who ventured to tell the people of New Hampshire to just stop worrying about Healthcare. John Stephen's mistake was not in the past. It is living with him and he seems intent on carrying it into debate with Carol Shea-Porter...not wise.


Jeb Bradley takes the same problem with him and then some. He is still the same man who watched the War in Iraq fall apart without uttering a word of complaint. He is still the same man who watched the Washington spending machine go crazy in deficit spending without complaining. He is still the same man who watched the ship sink while playing his fiddle. I don't think the big change he has found in himself has translated to voters, and will most certainly be a disadvantage against Shea-Porter.


Carol Shea-Porter is extremely vulnerable to any warm body that hasn't made a slew of mistakes and calls them successes. And I am that warm body. But above my ability to pump blood through my system and turn oxygen into carbon dioxide, I am one of the smartest politicians to arrive on the New Hampshire political scene. I don't say that from pride. In fact, I say it with a good degree of horror. I wish politics was like the public thinks. I wish the second and third tier candidates were not as bright as the first tier. And I wish the ability to get money thrown at you was the results of great arguments and personal integrity. But the better ideas I come up with don't translate into establishment appeal. The smarter and more honest I am just means the political establishment in New Hampshire holds their crucifixes more firmly against me muttering prayers of banishment.


In the course of this campaign I have proven my worth both as and individual and as a candidate. I have swan dived into a century of toxic waste, all for the benefit of the people of this state. I have compromised, innovated, formulated the basis of potential bipartisan unity on the most important topics of the day. I have fought against every bad argument regardless of which party originated the idea. And I have supported every good argument with equal candor.


But the important question before us is whether I can beat Carol Shea-Porter. That is the question that wins or loses elections, and my answer is the same as Jeb Bradley's, John Stephen's, and Geoff Michael's...Together, with you, I can beat her. Can John Stephen or Jeb Bradley beat her? Yes, but they have bigger holes in their armor than I do. My lack of experience is a currently fashionable political quality. Like Barack Obama and Sarah Palin and Carol Shea-Porter herself two years ago I have not been tainted by the establishment. And moreover my ideas are stronger than Shea-Porter's.


I honestly believe I can beat Shea-Porter. I can be a major political advantage against the Democratic establishment, having already run as a Democrat and having actually been part of Shea-Porter's political success. I have proven that advantage in the articles I have written. And I will help the Republican ticket immensely if given the chance.


So, there it is, I gave John Stephen and Jeb Bradley an unrestricted run at the nomination. Are you truly happy with either one of them? Is either one of them ready for a Democratic onslaught? I would say I am better prepared than they are. Sure, I would get beaten up very badly. I would be ridiculed and assaulted, I am aware of that. There would be nicknames for me, and my character would be greatly maligned. But when I get up again, and I will get up again, I will show the true value of betting on a long shot. People of New Hampshire, it's up to you...choose wisely.