At This Point Its About Stability

By Marcel Vunderpunke

There are worse things than depressions. Chaos and revolution top the list.  The real issue with the American economy today is no longer what the national unemployment rate or the real unemployment is.  The question today is how to keep California and Detroit from complete lawlessness. 

A few years ago I read the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon.  I read the unabridged four volume edition and it was the most important book I ever read.  It was a detailed description of what happens when things fall apart.  It was the real world equivalent of the Book of Revelations.

When empires fall they make a big crash.  We haven’t seen one fall since Rome.  Our current empire has shifted hands a few times, from the Spanish to the English to the French and back to the English and then finally passed to the United States.  But through it all some semblance of order was maintained.

Western Civilization is burning like the World Trade Center.  And just like the world trade center, the question is not how hot is the fire.  The question is the weakest point.  At which point will an important support structure collapse and bring the whole edifice to the ground.

Two questions should be on the minds of thinking people.  The first is how strong is the weakest link.  With 30% unemployment and not a single grocery store within the city limits, one might imagine Detroit.  But California is gaining fast.  And if California goes, if chaos hits, know that that’s America crumbling.

Second question, when it crumbles which tyrant do you prefer?  With no social controls left, no police, no anything, is the military your worst enemy?  Even…even…even if the military were Chinese or Russian, might they enforce justice a tad better than MS-13? 

Bottom line is, if California goes down the United States becomes a military operation.  And in that scenario just stay inside, plant your victory garden, and play your playstations if you got ‘em.  In that scenario, dream of freedom.  Work for freedom.  Believe in freedom.  But don’t for a second believe that California can fall and you can act the same way, say the same things, and demand the same life.

You can’t.  You can live and be patient and work toward those goals like your ancestors did and expect nothing but the blessings of God. 

That’s about it.