Letter to AARP Regarding Support of Healthcare Legislation

Addison Barry Rand, CEO


601 E. Street, NW

Washington, DC 20049

Dear Mr. Rand,

As members of AARP for 17 years, we vehemently oppose the organization’s support of the administration’s health care legislation. We do not support any part of a government-run healthcare system. CANCEL OUR MEMBERSHIP EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!


  • Oppose the $400 billion cut in Medicare.
  • Oppose ending the Medicare Advantage program that helps offer low cost supplemental coverage to the elderly for hearing aids, eyeglasses, and a variety of benefits not covered by Medicare. Now the only way to supplement Medicare will be Medigap coverage, largely offered by the AARP that is both more expensive and less comprehensive.
  • Oppose the fine of $1,000 on the uninsured will not induce them to get coverage. To be covered, they would have to pay between 8 and 12 percent of their income before they get any subsidy. How would a $1,000 fine induce them to pay that much to get coverage?
  • Oppose the rise of insurance premiums by $1,700 per family per year.
  • Oppose a bill that provides for a 40% tax on health insurance premiums.
  • Oppose taxes on Medical devices like pacemakers, heart valves, artificial limbs, replacement hips and knees.
  • Oppose Taxes on those who have to pay 7 1/2 percent of their income in medical costs that will no longer be deductible.
  • Oppose the legislation that will limit deduction of our premiums only if payments reach 10% of their income. THIS IS A TAX ON SICK PEOPLE!

Under “Managed Care”, our choices will be limited much like a HMO.

Does the AARP support government paid abortions or minority preferences to doctors and health care providers? This is a provision!

In conclusion, we do not support any thing that our government would be involved in because it will cost more, provide a more complex system and would control my rights given me by our constitution.   


Richard H. & Katherine E. Olson