Theocratic Right a Danger to Rebuilding the GOP

Nationally, many Republicans have become upset with the national party. And in an effort to bring the party back to its small-government, individual-liberty Republican roots, "Republican Liberty Caucuses" have sprung up around the country. The RLCs embrace a libertarian approach to government: fiscal responsibility and social tolerance. And yet, in some places (such as NH), this group has entangled itself with Social Conservatives who are as antithetical to liberty as any other Statist.

In New Hampshire, Tim Condon, VP of the state chapter regularly offers snarky comments about gay rights issues (such as today's post, "... If you don't grant their every demand for special "gay rights," then you're anti-gay and "homophobic." Haven't you heard?")

Today's performance of the Theocratic Right, however, wins the prize for its open display of hostility and mean-spiritedness. Maybe they're not homophobic. Maybe they're just juvenile and filled with hate.


"After his radio show "Meet the New Press" ended today, co-founder Doug Lambert looked into a live web-streaming camera, mockingly wished state Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley a Happy Birthday and then called Buckley a "faggot" before basically wishing him dead.

...After co-host Skip Murphy (a frequent poster on the RLCNH Group list) said that he should probably shut off the feed, Lambert looked into the camera and said, "Speaking of gays, Happy Birthday Ray Buckley. Are you going to Holland or taking another trip with your buddies?"

He then dances in a way meant to mock a gay male and says: "Yeah you Faggot. [Pause.] That's right I said it and I meant it. You are reprobate. How the people, the Democrats, I think of some of the gray haired ladies and older people from the old party would stand behind you is beyond me. You are a disgrace to yourself to humanity to mankind and to your party.

"Other than that Happy Birthday Ray and many more -- not," Lambert continued before the feed was quickly shut off."

Disgusting. And if the Theocrats in the GOP want open warfare, they've got it.


Doug Lambert has issued a crocodile-tear apology on, including these gems:

"I made a play to the camera that was watched and reported on by an online media outlet..."

Hey, I was having some fun and got caught by 'outsiders.'

"...Being human, and an honest person that is used to freely speaking my mind, my passion got the best of me. Politically correct? Nah, that's not my style. Calling people names, THAT'S usually not my style, either, as I prefer to debate the issues in a battle of ideas...."

I'm a great guy, so you can overlook this. No PC pansy-ass here (like that faggot, Ray Buckley)

"...I care deeply about my family, my state and my country. My sole reason for having this show is to shed light on just how quickly our country is being led down the wrong path. My remarks were not helpful to protecting the rights and the freedoms I fight for everyday...."

I'm a Pro-Family Guy (you know what I mean), so I need my fans to gather round me to prevent us from going to hell in a handbasket because of those faggots

The apology is just as bad as the initial tirade....


The Spin Control is in full operation over on the RLCNH list.  Various posters have re-framed the issue as one of 'free speech,' criticizing Ray Buckley for an Amsterdam video escapade (all the while fauning all over Carrie She-of-the-8-Sex-Videos Prejean), and pointing to Gay activist nastiness.

But *none* of those are the points.  This is not about free speech (a Constitutional Right), or Carrie Prejean (Don't get me started), or nasty gay ativists (I've been on the receiving end more than I care to admit).

It's about an underlying mean-spirited, divisive nastiness that lies just under the surface of the theocrats.  They may speak in the language of love and forgiveness and freedom and liberty, but that's only to avoid being exposed as the hate-mongers they are.  This year we will see a variety of challenges to GOP candidates, and 'smart' theocrats will try their best to keep their Social positions out of public view, and try to ride public discontent with fiscal issues to electoral victory.

God help us all at that point.

The GOP needs to return to it's Goldwateresque roots of fiscal responsibility and social libertarianism.  The GOP's Theocrats - NOT the Democrats - represent the biggest threat to the party's re-emergence.  37% of gay men and women actually voted for McCain in the last presidential election.  We fight in the armed forces and lose our pensions because of DADT.  We are forced to lie on our income taxes about our filing status because of DOMA.  It's time the GOP acted in accordance with it's stated philosophiesand reject control of the Party by the Far Right.