NH DOS Employee Uses State Authority and Treasury for Personal Vendetta

Mark Hilbert NH Dept. Of Safety State investigator stalked and was charged with stalking a homeowner in Dublin over her generator being hooked up during the NH ice storm because the main breaker was accidentally left on back feeding to the power line grid. No one was harmed. The state had received hundreds of reports of people who had hooked up their generators this way due to shortages of parts during the ice storm state of emergency. Many lineman were checking for back feeding due to this.

The homeowner chose to drop charges by not pursuing the stalking & harassment charges assuming Hilbert & the DOS would just back off. Soon after Hilbert's stalking court hearing, he had charges pressed on me for 2 class A misdemeanors for helping another friend on his Jaffrey hot dog trailer a year prior to the ice storm. Hilbert and DOS were seeking 60 days in jail even though the State DOS commissioner said trailers weren't a regulated activity not requiring being a licensed contractor to work on trailers.. This was retribution, where I had assisted the Dublin homeowner with her generator.

After almost 8 months battling, I was able to get it reduced to a fine with a good faith plea by the Jaffrey prosecutor and  Dublin prosecutor Martha Jakes and my attorney Alex Parsons that no other charges, specifically for the generator situation in Dublin, would be made in the future thus giving the state their eye for an eye, settling all this once and for all. We settled Oct. 27th at Jaffrey district Court.

On November 17th Hilbert and the DOS had me indicted on felony charge's in the Cheshire County Superior Court for helping the Dublin homeowner with her generator during the ice storm. Now they’re seeking to have me serve 7 years claiming it was felony reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon (electricity). My arraignment is Nov. 25 praying they set a reasonable bail. I have never been arrested for a felony! This is crazy. My attorney said he's never heard of this!

This is obviously a vendetta, out of the other hundreds of reports the State & PSNH received about other generators, people, electricians, etc. that were hooked up this way during the state of emergency ice storm none were prosecuted or had felony charges against them, just me.

We had also previously filed complaints with the A.G. Office Executive Ethics Committee against Hilbert and his supervisor Robert Farley for falsifying information in court regarding the stalking charges and their continued abuse of office. The A.G. Ethic's committee ruled that though the evidence provided to them was not frivolous, that due to Hilbert & Farley being classified state employee's they were excluded from the committee's jurisdiction or any statutory authority to take action.

Pretty much if your a classified employee in NH you can get away with anything and citizens have no recourse.

Any means of support will be appreciated.

Thank You,

Jean Coutu, caacp01@aol.com

POB 736,Jaffrey,NH,03452