Obama’s Mismanagement of the Economy Continues Unabated

Beyond the Obama administration's lies regarding the economic impact of the stimulus, today, Americans found out the GDP for third quarter was overstated.  Could these two errors be in some way connected?

Economic recovery likely not quite that energetic


All of this information is no surprise to anyone who stays abreast of what is happening on Main Street.  Families are hurting and yet Obama continues with his impotent policies.  Just yesterday, we saw just how much damage the Obama administration's actions are doing to average Americans.


The 'Real' Jobless Rate: 17.5% Of Workers Are Unemployed...


What to do?


  1. Tell everyone you know to stay informed by reading sites such as the Drudge Report
  2. Tell everyone to tell ten people about how bad of a job the Obama administration is doing. With an active campaign, we can drive Obama’s popularity down!
  3. Tell the same people to remember the harm Obama has caused to the nation when they vote in 2010