Americans with below average IQ’s should have lower income tax rates than their more intelligent fellow citizens because their diminished natural intelligence (DNI) makes it more difficult for them to earn a living.  It’s just not fair to expect them to pay the same tax rate as Americans with IQ’s that are average or above. 


IQ Based Taxation is easily implemented.  Every citizen of the United States will take a Government administered IQ test to insure a consistent and common IQ baseline.  The IQ test results will be memorialized on our National ID Cards, National Drivers Licenses and National Health Care Records.  This provides the Government with the added benefit of using our IQ’s when determining treatment priorities under a National Health Care system.


The supporting tax code changes are very straightforward. The average IQ is 90 to 110.  Anyone with an IQ of 89 or less will be entitled to a 25% reduction in their standard tax liability.  Those Americans not currently paying any income tax will receive a payout in the form of a tax credit.  Conversely, anyone with an IQ of 111 or more will pay a 25% increase in their standard tax liability.


Qualifying for a reduced tax rate will not be easy.  Because DNI is usually an invisible handicap, just looking less intelligent will not be enough.  Goofy haircuts, clown pants, exposed boxers and bra straps or disfiguring piercings might be indications of DNI, but unless your National ID shows an IQ of 89 or less, you won’t qualify.  Notes from others attesting to your diminished intelligence, including teachers, employers, ex-spouses and your mother, will not be accepted. 


People frequently refer to the less intelligent as “numbskulls”, “nitwits” and “Stoopid Sheep”.  Awful as they are, the worst aspect of these intelligence slurs is that they are socially and politically acceptable.  It has actually been stated that the “stupid people problem” would self correct simply by removing all product warning labels.  That’s really cold and harsh.  They may be less intelligent, but they have feelings too.


Millions of Americans (like those who voted for Obama) deserve compensation for the psychological and fiscal pain resulting from this genetic malady, which is totally beyond their control.  They deserve redress for generations of discrimination in the form of financial reparations.  Reparations alone won’t solve the problem, but I know they will make them feel better.  They should also receive IQ based Government financial assistance to insure a minimum standard of living for the less intelligent. (After all, our Congress certainly does).


Fortunately, they now have a President who recognizes the plight of those with less of anything and is certain to answer our call for IQ Based Taxation in the name of fairness. They get great support from others as well.  The lamestream media, all of whom have below average IQ’s, go well out of their way to share their opinions and promote their agenda, warning of the constant dangers in the world around us, telling us what to eat, where to live and even who to vote for.  They are a tremendous resource, directing nearly every aspect of our daily lives. The IQ challenged willingly let them do their thinking for them because they know better and it is just so darn handy.  


The Attorney General is also coming to their aid by expanding hate crimes legislation “where there is a historic basis to see groups of people singled out for violence against them because of who they are.”  That certainly applies to the DNI community, because not all violence is physical and the historic nature of hate crimes against the less intelligent will be easily proven through our reparations effort.


Another source of encouragement are the President’s numerous cabinet nominees that have answered criticism as “tax cheats” by admitting they were unaware of their tax responsibilities, obviously due to diminished natural intelligence.  Inspiring as well are the many less intelligent Americans who, at the Government’s insistence, received home loans that everyone knew they could not afford.  Our greatest heroes though, are in Congress.  The less intelligent of our elected representatives have courageously abandoned capitalism for socialism without regard for the ensuing political, social and economic consequences.  This qualifies them as our official DNI standard bearers.


Our community outreach organization, People Expecting Consideration as Normal (PECAN), is coalescing the national DNI community.  We are looking to increase PECAN’s impact with funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, similar to that received by ACORN.   Perhaps PECAN and ACORN can work together to see that our mutual interests are met by getting in the cash and compromising the vote.  We need to grow our mutual organizations, because it will take a couple of big ones to make our demands of American taxpayers stick.  If we are unable score billions of taxpayer dollars like ACORN, we will just have to depend on the sale of IQ Based Taxation bumper stickers to fund our cause.


Forty percent of all Americans may be victims of DNI.  We can eliminate the DNI-associated stigma of stupidity if we just continue to use the power of our numbers.  We used that power last November to bring change to the White House and we can use it again to receive fair treatment from more intelligent Americans.


If you suffer from diminished natural intelligence, this is what you must do to make IQ Based Taxation a reality:


1-   Write to the President and your elected representatives at all levels of government.  Demand their support of IQ Based Taxation in the name of fairness.  Let them know you will continue to support them only if they support you in this effort.  Tell them, that based on their recent “accomplishments”, they appear to be afflicted with DNI, and therefore have all the more reason to support your proposal.


2-   Tell everyone you know that you are a victim of DNI and any expectations they have of you are unfair.  Demand that they acknowledge your inalienable right to underachievement and make them aware that you expect their support of IQ Based Taxation.


3-   Bolster your self-worth, take pride in your lesser intelligence and promote our cause by purchasing IQ Based Taxation bumper stickers at for yourself and all your less intelligent friends and relatives.  Or join the Democratic Party!!!


We can do this.  IQ Based Taxation will lower expectations and guarantee the New American Dream for less intelligent Americans.  It will be given to them by those luckier, harder working and more responsible fellow citizens – because it is only fair. 


Together in diminished natural intelligence, with those like Chaz, Nonplussed, Hode and the Hyphen, you can make a difference.